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  1. Prayers Please

    Thank you, sweetie! ❤
  2. Yay, Ebay

    Oh, interesting! I've never seen painted saws before. Very nice job, Y.
  3. Prayers Please

    Thank you so much, Z and Y! LOL Backwards alphabet!
  4. That Time Again

    Yeah, they must think they dissolve in the air! Really dumb!
  5. Asking For Prayers

    Oh, Y, I'm so sorry. Cysts are truly painful. Praying for you and your mom and dad.
  6. Prayers Please

    Second update: Weeeellll...not so fine. Doctor just called. Stent not put in. Doctor said two arteries are blocked, one 90% and the other 60%. Giving Dad some medicine to take. Will see one doctor in 10 days and the heart doctor in a month. May have to try angioplasty. If the medicine and the angioplasty don't work, then they might have to do bypass. So we'll see.
  7. Prayers Please

    Update: they were way off schedule so hubs went in late. We are in recovery and have about another hour of waiting before we can go home. And he is fine. Bless you all for your prayers.
  8. Where Are We?

    Years ago, when the kids were younger, a lot younger, we took two weeks to drive out west and spent almost 10 days driving around Colorado. We loved Durango and almost moved there.
  9. Prayers Please

    Aww, thank you. Yes, will let you know. He's scheduled for 12:30 and will likely get to go home around 2:00. So praying for that.
  10. Where Are We?

    Interesting, SW. I never knew that.
  11. New Here!

    Welcome to our writing family, Alley. Glad you joined us. You'll find plenty of help, support, and encouragement around here, so roam around and make yourself at home. Blessings on your writing!
  12. Prayers Please

    Thank you so much, Clay, Nicola, and WOH. I deeply appreciate all your prayers. ❤
  13. How To Avoid Dangling Participles

    Awww, thank you SW! Thanks, Phy. I try to watch out for these but I think I miss them sometimes.
  14. Prayers Please

    Thank you so much, jonjovi.
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