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  1. lynnmosher

    I Have A Question

    Not true. In USA (under international agreement, back in the 1960s) all ISBNs are sourced from Bowker and no one else. Amazon buys them in bulk, and assigns them to books as needed. That wasn't what I meant. One bought (ASIN) from Amazon cannot be used elsewhere.
  2. lynnmosher

    Looking For Publishers

    LOL Yeah, you're right.
  3. lynnmosher

    Looking For Publishers

    ***Carolina, if you want to shrink an image, grab a corner with your cursor (in edit) and drag it down to where you want it.
  4. lynnmosher

    Calling Independent Self-published Authors

    Yeah, that's the one I posted about. Looks really good. If I wrote fiction, I'd sign up.
  5. lynnmosher

    Looking For Publishers

    Yay! Hope it works out for you.
  6. lynnmosher

    Being Precise In Your Wording

    LOLOL Oh, too funny! Thanks, Nicholas!
  7. lynnmosher

    Avatar Picture

    LOL Probably a couple of days.
  8. lynnmosher

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    LOL Yeah, I kept forgetting to change mine. And you're welcome.
  9. lynnmosher

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    How's that?
  10. lynnmosher

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    Be back in a little while.
  11. lynnmosher

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    Mostly on Google. And free sites. Top left on the first or second image? And you can change it any time.
  12. lynnmosher

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    LOL Can't help you 'til you decide.
  13. lynnmosher

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    First, which one do you want?