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  1. dadcard2

    Looking For Guest Writers!

    Do you have assignments / topics?
  2. dadcard2

    Growing Your Poetry Social Media Following

    Thanks, very interesting
  3. dadcard2


    I enjoy the play on words of soulitude.
  4. dadcard2


    Did you mean when the 'night ends' or day ends. Not that night is wrong but it seems day begins contrasts nicely with day ends.
  5. dadcard2

    Bad Writing Advice

    Delightful, I think
  6. dadcard2

    Query Re: Editing In The Critique And Feedback Forum

    Re corrections: is it ok to correct the body of the initial submission when warranted?
  7. dadcard2

    Pratically Heaven, The Hike

    This is well done, especially the descriptions. I noted that the word pictures you drew combined the senses that reinforced each other even before you mentioned it. It is a page turner.
  8. dadcard2

    God Of Second Chance

    I liked this devotional and had not thought of that separation leading to a second chance. A minor matter perhaps, but do you need both 'although' and 'but" in However, although no Barnabas gospel can be found in the Bible but Barnabas groomed John Mark who wrote the Mark gospel and became beneficial to Paul while he was in prison. Perhaps drop the word 'but'
  9. dadcard2

    One Tear

    I like the shape of the poem with the topic. Grammar is not my strength but I wonder if rapport to you and I should be to you and me.
  10. dadcard2

    I Only Needed To Pray

    A well made point. Does tied in my hands were tied need to be in " "?
  11. dadcard2


    Nice ideas. In line 1 you have the title and the first line of the poem on the same line as the title. Was that intended?
  12. dadcard2

    Winters Of Youth

    I like this poem; coming from a snowbound area, I can appreciate the sense of place you develop. You start out personally (I sat wrapped snuggly warm); would it be good to continue that tone near the end in call one home becoming call me home?
  13. dadcard2

    Nowhere On Earth

    Nice thoughts. I stanza 2 you might have meant "my" , not "may" When I couldn’t see may way
  14. dadcard2


    I have posted a new poem on the Writing Critique Forum