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  1. Winters Of Youth

    I like this poem; coming from a snowbound area, I can appreciate the sense of place you develop. You start out personally (I sat wrapped snuggly warm); would it be good to continue that tone near the end in call one home becoming call me home?
  2. Nowhere On Earth

    Nice thoughts. I stanza 2 you might have meant "my" , not "may" When I couldn’t see may way
  3. Poem

    I have posted a new poem on the Writing Critique Forum
  4. Poem

    Just added a new poem in the poem section.
  5. The Chameleon

    The Chameleon There it was, disguised to blend with the dirt; I could barely see the creature as it avoided being hurt. Farther down the path’s one, but it stood out. It was white against the mud and seemed thereby to shout. “Look here, where I stand; I’ll not flinch or move so all mankind can know the Word that God approves. Richard Cardner 6/17/17
  6. Avatar

    How do I upload an avatar and be sure it is the correct size
  7. Writings: Poems, Essays and Short Stories

    ABOUT I have written over a period of years and will post some of the writings here. You may use them if you agree to 1. make no charge for them, 2. not alter them, 3. cite this site. To reply to them, you need to sign in or be a member. I give thanks to my family, especially my wife Linda, for support. The Poetry Email Workshop of the Poetry Society of New Hampshire as well as other groups in NH and Arizona, have been of immense help; members put up with my puns while commenting on many of the writings. In line with this, some of the writings may refer to the “prompt” which refers to topics on which to work. Of course, the writings are my responsibility and for this I am sure both my family and the other groups are grateful. My ideas have changed as I have grown and I assume that ideas and methods used in earlier writings would be changed if I were to address the topics today. I especially hope that I have not offended my Creator or mislead readers. dadcard2
  8. Game: Tell Challenge

    She sat at the back. Her old dress and hairstyle caused her to blush but she was glad to be there. Her youngest grandson had long wanted to be in a concert and here was his chance. If they had not found the old violin in the store corner, he would not have been able to learn to play and now it was about to pay off. Write about pay offs.
  9. Pixar's 22 Story-Telling Advices

    I have found this to be true Trying for theme is important, but you won't see what the story actually is about until you're at the end of it. Now rewrite.
  10. Researching Books

    I enjoy and gain from researching words; I like the Greek - Hebrew dictionary idea.
  11. Smashwords

  12. Smashwords

  13. Excellent Writing Tools

    Those pdf's are great. Thanks
  14. Smashwords

    Thanks, I think one of my problems is having an older version of Word
  15. Smashwords

    Thanks, I think my problem is an old version of Word

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