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  1. We all know the antagonist should be a rounded, not flat, character. They should demonstrate likeable traits as well as bad ones, and should have a back story and motive behind their actions. My problem is that in my story, the MC is battling a Satanic figure. ("You call him Tsernobog, some say he's Loki, my grandfather would have said he's Lucifer.") How can I make him into the fleshed out character a good antagonist is supposed to be?
  2. Sibermom65

    Printable List Of Crutch Words.

    I use really frequently, but mostly because my MC uses it (speaking and thinking - a 1st person POV). Does this mean I should avoid using it?
  3. Sibermom65

    Patreon For The Christian Writer

    I've not heard of it. What is it?
  4. Sibermom65

    Let's Practice Writing Your Bio

    I just did this one today for my author website: Linda’s early life was shaped by the Colorado mountains, where she grew up. While in college studying to be a teacher, she converted to Catholicism. Linda left school to be home with her mother who was temporarily bedridden. When her mother was better, Linda married her high school sweetheart and joined him in Germany where he was serving in the US Army. During the twenty years of his military career, they lived in four different countries and nine states, raising their five children in the process. After they retired, Linda completed her college work with a degree at Cornell University. She and her husband took up dog sledding, racing their Siberian Huskies. They opened a studio and became professional photographers focusing especially on pictures of fellow dog mushers. Retired a second time, the couple now live in the wooded hill country of upstate New York with their remaining sled dogs. They both are active in their church and community, but frequently travel to visit their kids and grandchildren. Along with being an award-winning photographer, Linda writes memoirs, devotions, and children’s stories.
  5. Sibermom65

    A Sad Commentary

    Being a military family, we moved around a lot .. as in 19 times in 20 years. My son ended up in 5 different kindergartens. My oldest daughter missed a large portion of US history because it was taught in different grades/semesters and as we moved, she was never there when it was taught. The concept of a universal curriculum in our mobile society makes a world of sense. I believe that was the original intent of common core. unfortunately it was distorted and turned into something it was never meant to be. Now common core is mostly a program where everyone has to learn at the same level - no exceptions for gifted or advanced learners. Teachers are expected to make sure everyone gets the same dumbed-down education, lowering standards and teaching to the test instead of to the subject. Our educational system, once one of the finest in the world, has deteriorated to where I wish none of my grandchildren had to go to public schools. And it's not just English and Math.
  6. Sibermom65

    Writing Is Hard Work

    It's an ability I certainly was not blessed with. I've a two-finger hunt and peck person. Ehen the letters wear off my keyboard (as they are starting to do now) I have to replace the keyboard.
  7. Sibermom65

    Need A Speaker For Our Conference

    We were excited to learn we could most likely get a grant to pay for a really good speaker, but sadly that failed to happen. So now we are back with a budget of nothing, but that was plan B and it looks like things are still going to go forward. We changed the venue, and the fee for the participants, but it should still be a quality affair, even if very small. We set the date for October 13th, to be held in our parish hall in upstate, NY. In the meantime, I am booked to attend my first ever writing conference in early August so I have the opportunity to learn a lot before we finalize our plans.
  8. Sibermom65

    What Makes A Devotional?

    I have been writing reflections on various gospel passages for years. Now I'm considering including some devotionals for my newsletter, but I'm not sure exactly what that might look like. What makes a piece be considered a devotional? Are there guidelines for writing good ones?
  9. Sibermom65

    Calling Independent Self-published Authors

    O hear over and over again that I need a mailing list. But who should go on that list? More importantly, what do I do with the list? Say I put all my friends on the list (ten?) then what? They know my book is out and available and have already purchased a copy, or had one given to them when I asked for a review. My second book is in an entirely different genre which will appeal to kids, not my senior citizen friends. So what good is it to have them on a list? Sorry to be so technologically dense.
  10. Sibermom65

    A Post From Called Writers

    I just figured since it's His book, He ought to be doing more of the work!
  11. Sibermom65

    A Post From Called Writers

    I need God to provide some marketing help and some buyers for the book he insisted I write.
  12. Sibermom65

    3 Free Webinars From Jerry Jenkins

    @carolinamtne I was riding in the basket, taking pictures; my sister was driving. We were doing a training run in Wyoming. It's been several years, but if I remember right, one of my dogs was also on the team that day. I've since retired from racing, and have only five of my Siberian huskies left. I'm in NY while my sister still races in Colorado.
  13. Sibermom65

    3 Free Webinars From Jerry Jenkins

    I was able to watch his Sunday evening presentation on 8 Keys to writing a powerful faith based book. There was some very good information given. I could have wished for more detail but it was more of a pre-recorded teaser to buy into his course and workshop - which I did because I felt there was enough to be learned that I needed. I was disappointed that despite there being a "chat box" where you got to ask questions, there was no acknowledgement of questions or any answers to them. I was left with the feeling of "This is great, I need more."
  14. Sibermom65

    List Of Genres We Write/critique/read

    Writes: My first book is non-fiction Christian living or inspirational but now I'm working on children's books. I'm currently doing an MG historical Fantasy. Reads: I read children's books (MG and YA) to understand the genre better, but for my pleasure I like romance - especially historical romance, and Biblical fiction. I am not interested in Amish romances, or anything that isn't "clean". Critiques - I'm hoping to develop my critiquing skills. For now I want to stick to the genre I'm familiar with so I can hopefully enjoy the read and give a usable critique.
  15. Sibermom65

    3 Free Webinars From Jerry Jenkins

    I dearly wanted to watch, but my slow server wouldn't handle it. I have to have pre-recorded to download, or else be free during the non-busy daytime hours. This time I just wasn't free.