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  1. Ragamuffin_John

    Feelings to Trust

    Let the politicians say what they approve. Whether their sayings are good or bad, there is a stronger, clearer Voice—and strengthening from it. He Is, and God has never approved His message. He voices, proclaims, disseminates, delegates His will to create and re-create. to love, restore, and love again. He affirms (like at the Jordan) His Son and His feelings toward Him, His children, who obey the call, and in coming are chosen, who by the Spirit’s presence and words know the Father’s feeling toward them.
  2. Ragamuffin_John

    Bible Version

    For readability, I like the NASB and CEB. But, I have a KJV memory when it comes to meditating. KJV and NIV, as the starting points for building lyrics for songs.
  3. Ragamuffin_John

    One Song

    Hello, Donald. I'm glad to see you contributing here. I really like this wistful song. Makes one want to carry on the legacy in "songs, hymns and spiritual songs"
  4. Ragamuffin_John

    Hymn Of Trust

    To the surface the Word comes, we on the day of trust feed on. Currency of this kind buys peace that gold cannot overlay. Bright the path on which Word falls by the light Holy Spirit exudes in our hearts, where confidence unrelentingly rests, renews.
  5. Ragamuffin_John


    One God, Who makes us tremble at His love toward us in our troubles. He is Light, does not ask us to be blind but to trust obedience will always birth right. We dare not take on the spirit of this age, where one man's happiness is another one's rage. We will put on the garment of praise of the high things of God and His grace. This what makes us tremble, this is what keeps souls from drowning in trouble. Ill winds may gust in our faces, but the sails of the Spirit take us to God-places.
  6. Ragamuffin_John

    Blue Ridge Hope

    Thank you, jonjovi. It is certainly my favorite time of the year.
  7. Ragamuffin_John

    Blue Ridge Hope

    . . . thinking about the advent of Autumn in the Blue Ridge Mountains of the U.S., and the hope that believers everywhere have in the imminent return of our Lord Jesus: We have yet to arrive at the brittle temps. From the Cumberland to Stone Mountain, now, the good air can't be spent. In the mons of West Virginia the burden of being mom will be lessened on the mountains as the children-leaves are dropped. Turn colors, wait for the relief, the signs are a'running to our eyes before the freeze. We can know the season before the Blue Ridge sleeps, and we know the Groom is coming, cause the Bride has rouge on cheeks.
  8. Ragamuffin_John

    The First and The Last

    After reading Revelation 2 . . . If the First and the Last were dead there would be no more, But the First-Last bond is strong, that Is why He arose. Two of the Trinity bore witness of the Son, Who, alive, ascended high above Calvary, for God is One, And He cannot tear himself apart from what He is and owns. And He cannot move himself away from the ones He loves, chosen and called and justified by His Blood.
  9. Ragamuffin_John

    Hello From A Newbie

    Welcome, Terese!
  10. Ragamuffin_John

    Heart's Nod

    Thinking about Romans 7 . . . Open up the gates of your heart to liberty, hear the words that Jesus spoke and, yes, still speaks, and the promise of life in the now and, then, beyond will resound in your soul, cause your heart to nod a “Yes and Amen!” when you see the fight between your renewed self and the lesser angelic side, and you will happily shout, “Oh, who can deliver me?”, knowing the answer will come back, “Christ the King!”
  11. Ragamuffin_John

    Paul's Ignorance

    1 Timothy 1:12-14 (KJV) are such mind-blowing verses. And I am grateful for them: 12 And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled me, for that he counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry; 13 Who was before a blasphemer, and a persecutor, and injurious: but I obtained mercy, because I did it ignorantly in unbelief. 14 And the grace of our Lord was exceeding abundant with faith and love which is in Christ Jesus. Ignorance of the New Law is an excuse; Paul pulled the card out after Damascus Road, cause being told a million times before mercy comes is no more revealing than darkness shows love. How many brethren fell prey to his sword, who had witnessed to him about the forgiving Lord? Not that he was guiltless, the question remains, Who in God’s eyes cannot receive mercy’s grace? Only the Omniscient knows who has a seared soul. What a mystery that a torturer should carry God’s news, be so bold! This is the depths into which Divine Love is sown! We can know healing, because Jesus healed Saul.
  12. Ragamuffin_John

    More Favor

    Favor means You reign supreme; it's like manna when times are lean. Now, may the taste of human food not dull the senses, where the spirit man rules. Yet, the former savor so permeates where I live, I long for its plate that one day will be a full course for one Body, with the Lord.
  13. Ragamuffin_John


  14. Ragamuffin_John


    Oh God, your favor is something that comes silently and unannounced with the halls of obedience, between trusting strides, over the sweat of one's brow. Grace is predestined for all, yet few respond to its call. Fewer still remember to live within the seed well-planted and watered, until fruit starts appearing. So, the sweet fruit of favor is not well-recognized, because it blooms within the ordinary, although its recipient is staggered at how mercy is abundantly out of proportion to how much we obey. It is this ratio of faith's mustard seed to soil that so inspires the common earthtreader, that moves the soul to greater depths of obedience, where deeper submission matures to on-going favor, and where unheralded devotion becomes joyful acquiescence.
  15. Ragamuffin_John

    Like a Watchman

    . . . after reading James 1:2-12 We have rightly asked wisdom of God, when we enter trials with patience and are patient in our exit from them, because we have the joyous knowing that we have endured in, with and through the One who created us and saves us. Thus we glorify the Son, whose Spirit indwells. So, when we ask in prayer, we are telling God that we want his answer to further wrap us in the completeness of patience, a virtue that shines outside of and when going into trials, when being affirmed as having abided in Christ as a trial subsides. Then, patience becomes like a watchman to tell us when to put on the spiritual weapons of our warfare,* when to fight, and when to rest and recover. In this assurance, action can sometimes no more fatigue us than being still does, for hope is infused in us and fuels us. Even if we sin, we are patient in our confession of fault and forgiveness of others—and to receive pardon from our loving Abba. A life of patience in the presence of Christ is an Exhibit A of his “Kingdom Come”. __________ * Ephesians 6:10-18