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  1. carolinamtne


    You're doing fine.
  2. carolinamtne


    Add me to this line of children tugging at momma's apron strings. (OK, so mommas may not wear aprons any more, but mine did.)
  3. carolinamtne


    So 55,000 words divided by 2000-3000 words makes 18.3 to 27.5 installments, if I understand Lynn correctly..
  4. carolinamtne

    Merchandise For Your Book

    I don't drink coffee, but I have lots of coffee mugs from different places.
  5. carolinamtne

    More Mangled Language Uses

    I think it's interesting that in both cases, an "a" became an "o." I'd love to know the history.
  6. carolinamtne

    More Mangled Language Uses

    Thank you, Tom, and thank you, Lynn. The chomping/champing surprises me. Chomping is eating, chewing. I've watched many a horse chewing on the bit, so chomping makes sense to me. Champing, to champ, I need to investigate. champ (chămp) ► v. To bite or chew upon noisily. See Synonyms at bite. v. To work the jaws and teeth vigorously. idiom champ at the bit To show impatience at being held back or delayed. More at Wordnik from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition So ... which came first? (More investigation) champ (v.) 1520s, "to chew noisily, crunch;" 1570s (of horses) "to bite repeatedly and impatiently," probably echoic; OED suggests a connection with jam (v.). Earlier also cham, chamb, etc. (late 14c.). To champ on (or at) the bit, as an eager horse will, is attested in the figurative sense by 1640s. Related: Champed; champing. As a noun, "act of biting repeatedly, action of champing," from c. 1600. chomp (v) 1640s, dialectal and American English variant of champ (v.). Related: Chomped; chomping. (etymonline.com) Does this resolve anything? (I don't think so, but it was fun doing the research.)
  7. carolinamtne

    Discrimination In The Writing World

    Same is true for resumes for "real" jobs.
  8. carolinamtne

    First Manuscript, What To Do With It?

    Thank you. I'll get at it later this morning.
  9. carolinamtne

    First Manuscript, What To Do With It?

    Understood. And, by the way, I'm certainly not the only person on the list who can help you. This site is full of helpful people who know what they are doing.
  10. carolinamtne

    First Manuscript, What To Do With It?

    Quick! Post ten comments in CW, wait for the system to catch up, and then post it. I'm pretty sure I can do a reasonable job of editing 404 words for you for free. I've done that for others. You can check through the Critique and Feedback to see samples of my editing.
  11. carolinamtne

    Vanity Press Blog

    Double and triple that! It is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good to hear from you again. Take whatever time you need, but do drop in occasionally.
  12. And we would miss you!
  13. carolinamtne

    Vanity Press Blog

    Westbow Press hounded me for months after I requested information. The more they called, the less interested I was. I don't like being nagged.
  14. Hah! Now that makes sense. Thanks for explaining the Five Commandments.