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  1. So Now What?

    So, I went through a self-publishing firm who will begin her edits in a couple of weeks. I think I'll spend the time preparing to market the book. I'm just looking for resources to begin this part of the publishing experience. Any material/books suggestions on great marketing? I also have some money to spend on the advertising. Thanks everyone, Greg
  2. Finished: Thanks!

    Thanks everyone!
  3. Finished: Thanks!

    Just wanted to thank everyone on the site for the encouragement over the last two years...just finished my second draft. I didn't talk a lot, but I did lurk from time to time, and the tips, forums, etc. helped! Greg
  4. Fact Checker?

    Hi Everyone: has anyone hired a fact checker before? I'm almost finished with my first draft, but I just want to make sure I have certain "facts," historical details, etc. correct. Thanks for letting me know, Greg Elsasser
  5. Christian Suspense Thriller Genre?

    This was a great list! Thank you so much; I have a lot to look through now and I'm grateful Greg
  6. Christian Suspense Thriller Genre?

    I haven't read any Christian novels in this genre, but I'd like to! Do you have any recommendations?
  7. Christian Suspense Thriller Genre?

    I'm actually writing a suspense novel, not really looking to read any at this time. I will check out your site! Greg
  8. Christian Suspense Thriller Genre?

    Good to know, John; thanks for posting back. Maybe I can read some of your best/recommended thrillers in this genre? Greg
  9. Writer's Roadblocks

    Hi Carol: you suggested getting into a writer's group. Do you know of any resource that lists various writer's groups where it's members specifically meet in person? Thanks in advance, Greg
  10. I'm just curious to see how many of you out there write in this genre (ex. Steve Berry, Dan Brown, etc)...I'd be interested in sharing ideas, helping to critique, etc. Thanks! Greg Elsasser
  11. Writer's Roadblocks

    Good post, Paul...I gleaned much from your ideas/scriptures on fear...I also appreciate the practical advice on swapping edits and giving criticism--this is exactly what I am needing. Hang in there, "cozy" and just keep writing...and reading. My daily writing output is more tighter and coherent if I read for an hour or so first! Greg
  12. Online Journal

    Hi Josie: I just use Microsoft Word, but more importantly, I use Carbonite to back up my data (learned my lesson once). If you have Carbonite you can also access your home computer files from your iPad/smart tablet while you are away.
  13. Formatting Question

    Thanks everyone; there is a lot of good info to wade through here, so it will take me awhile to check out all your suggestions. As you can probably notice, I'm new to book publishing. I've had plays published and produced TV shows, but I am inept when it comes to all things book publishing related. Like in the play publishing world, I thought there was one EXACT format one must write in; I'm sensing that with book publishing there might be more "options." Thanks again, Greg
  14. Formatting Question

    Phy, Carol, and Buck: you've sold me on Styles; I will check it out. But is there a particular "style" that I need to write my novel in in order to meet the expected novel manuscript requirements? Greg
  15. Where Do You Go To Write?

    So, besides your home/office, where do you all go to write? I think that I need a change of scene every once in a while... Thanks for your input, Greg Elsasser

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