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  1. I've never felt or seen anything here to make me feel my voice wasn't valued - perhaps this is something Christians aren't falling for (as much, I hope, I pray).
  2. It's two columns - Five Commandments Terminology vs. Hero's Journey Terminology. Here's a link about what goes into the Five Commandments: https://storygrid.com/466/
  3. Saw this over at The Story Grid forums today: ----------------------------------------------------- Five Commandments Hero's Journey Terminology Terminology ----------------------------------------------------- Inciting Incident The Call to Adventure Progressive Complication #1 Refusal of the Call ----------------------------------------------------- Progressive Complication #2 Crossing the Threshold Progressive Complication #3 Tests, Allies, and Enemies Turning Point Complication The Ordeal Crisis Apotheosis ----------------------------------------------------- Climax The Resurrection Resolution Reward and Return
  4. That's fine. That's what pseudonyms are for, Jada Pinkett Smith! (Did I guess right?) DON"T ANSWER THAT. ;)
  5. I'm going to admit right away that I think this is a provocative topic, and I'm not 100% aligned with the author, David Farland, whose writing posts I've reposted many time. But I do think he has some sound things to say about getting published at all in this day and age, and I'm posting that because I think it's sound. https://mystorydoctor.com/discrimination-in-the-writing-world/
  6. From Steve Alcorn today in my Inbox.
  7. https://stevelaube.com/dont-write-your-bio-write-a-why-me/
  8. Your instincts are good - you should never pay money to a publisher, money should flow TO the writer instead of AWAY from the writer. We just recently posted a link to an article about how to do everything you need to do for free:
  9. Phy

    Wisdom From John Gardner

    fwiw, Gardner is the one who wrote that he was a gregarious loner, the perfect temperament to be a writer, That describes me, a Ambivert, to a 't'.
  10. Phy

    Love Your Villains

    til Jesus was first to the writer's HOWTO scene.
  11. ...just a little. This is a neat piece of advice from Orson Scott Card: "...find something worth loving in every antagonist."
  12. Nod - the reason I'd want to keep these personas distinct is because the genre fiction I write is the polar opposite of the serious Technical Writing I do under my professional identity. (I use my Creative Writing identity for all my other internet activity - Facebook, Twitter, fora discussions of all different silly topics. The only thing I use my regular proper name for is related to my work for Big Blue.)
  13. Phy

    How Km Weiland Edits

    I see it's on a Wish List. Maybe it will show up in version 3.0. https://www.literatureandlatte.com/web/forum/viewtopic.php?t=33980
  14. From David Farland: https://mailchi.mp/xmission/david-farlands-writing-tips-when-you-write-a-dull-scene?e=c5aab9d85b