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  1. There's nothing wrong with writing ebooks. They're pretty much all I read anymore. The market has changed in the last ten years, and for the better if you can put out a quality ebook. If Smashwords isn't getting you the traffic you used to get, maybe try widening your delivery services. Have you tried Amazon?
  2. FIRST BLOOD was a spectacular film with great resonance. The dialogue there was as sharp as Rambo's famous knife.
  3. I'd just say this - without conflict, there is no story. Whether it's a villain (Man vs. Man) or some other force to push against (Man vs. Nature, Man vs. Self) there must be conflict. And while not all of my favorite stories feature a villain, most of them do. Pixar's latest, COCO, has a fascinating villain in that he doesn't appear to be the villain for most of the picture. When his true colors were finally shown, it wrapped up a boatload of tantalizingly loose ends.
  4. Author David Farland knows the business side of Hollywood is utterly unsentimental - this is how to get Hollywood's attention with your books.
  5. Heh. I didn't quote the Genesis section because I didn't agree with it, but I take his meaning.
  6. Author Steven Pressfield has a theory. Who or what is your story's villain?
  7. Hiring A Revision Partner

    Jill Domschot just published her pricing schedule on FB. Jill is a friend of mine and is an editor of a variety of published works, including the books in the Reagan Moon series by Mike Duran.
  8. I'm currently writing a Fantasy / Noir novel with a gumshoe golem. I was intrigued to see how my character Clay stacks up against this list: Clay is a self-aware golem who comes from somewhere else and uses his perspective as an outsider to shake up a staid medieval Fantasy city. A being of animated clay, our hero has a photographic memory and uses his attention to detail to solve crimes and acts as a gadfly in the side of a particularly powerful underworld. He's a scrapper who isn't afraid of anything or anyone. Clay doesn't hit it off well with the Rhone Thann, the king's brother who serves as the de facto mayor of the city while his brother is busy ruling the country. Clay only truly cares about one person - Pyrynne Thann, the daughter of Rhone Thann. Everyone knows Pyrynne, an energetic and whip-smart young woman whose future as a diplomat is all but assured. When the mob kidnaps Pyrynne, the king enlists the help of our hero to find her and bring her home. Clay is witty, quippy, scrappy, and uses his identity as an outsider to move through the various social strata of the magical city.
  9. In his book HOW TO WRITE PULP FICTION, James Scott Bell lists five characteristics about how to write a great Pulp character. It's a good list:
  10. Over on FB, Brad Torgersen writes a counterpoint.
  11. Author David Farland has some things to say about what turning points are and how many you need.
  12. I support author A. Lee Martinez on Patreon - he was getting a buck per flash fiction but he hasn't posted anything in awhile. I also support a couple of musicians, including Terry S. Taylor (of Daniel Amos / Lost Dogs fame).
  13. Intriguing. We're kind of there already - I know many content creators who subsidize their creativity through Patreon.
  14. Cool. Practically-speaking, how do you do that? Pen and paper? Laptop? iPad? Working strictly in the theater of the mind?

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