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  1. And it bears mentioning that Katie Weiland spent many years right here on these forums!
  2. Dear Brother William, I'm kind of impressed with the amount of thought you devoted to this - I assure you, I gave it very little thought. I stumbled across the quote on FB, found it somewhat amusing, and thought others here might, as well. I don't actually think non-writing writers are monsters, I think they are what we in the business call 'Normal people.' I trust the post Subject reveals that I considered this meme more as comedy than a deep psychological judgment. Amen. God's peace to you.
  3. I'm always interested when working writers talk about working and writing. Here's John Scalzi with some thoughts about writing a book which is both a sequel and Book Two of a series. https://whatever.scalzi.com/2018/06/19/more-on-the-consuming-fire-and-future-writing-plans/
  4. From our own K.M. Weiland. https://www.helpingwritersbecomeauthors.com/how-to-intertwine-plot-character-and-theme-in-every-scene/
  5. Phy

    Editing As Income?

    I have a number of friends who run editing businesses. (None of them are getting rich but they seem to stay busy.) My friend Jill is the editor for my friend Mike Duran: http://jilldomschot.com/editing-services/
  6. Also, I found this on the internet, ergo...
  7. Also, be careful with the sort of abbreviations and shorthand of the sort you might use while Texting - starting sentences with abbreviations like 'Btw' as shorthand for 'By the way' is unprofessional.
  8. Btw, I know many blog authors do this (including our own K.M. Weiland, heh) - it's just wrong and every professional Style Guide that I am aware of is on the same page in this regard: https://www.quickanddirtytips.com/education/grammar/how-to-write-numbers
  9. I'd add two more - not writing out numbers under 10 (especially in headlines!) and using unnecessary repetition. https://diannmills.com/desk/7-mistakes-that-make-every-writer-look-unprofessional/
  10. I pass through Rome all the time!
  11. Phy

    What Is Steampunk?

    I remember DOS games. My favorite was a LAN-only racing game called Carmageddon. We played it every day at lunch at the office for YEARS.
  12. Phy

    Christian Science Fiction

    I started a tangent thread to talk about what Steampunk is.
  13. Phy

    What Is Steampunk?

    Steampunk stories frequently feature steam-driven engines, air ships, gunpowder or ray guns, and a very distinct visual aesthetic. I've got a trilogy called THE ADVENTURES OF THE SKY PIRATE which starts as a swashbuckling sea adventure, moves to Steampunk for the second book, and winds up as a full Space Opera in the last book.
  14. I'm starting a new thread to talk about this sub-sub-genre of Science Fiction known as Steampunk. It started as a fiction subgenre and has blossomed into something that is at least as much about the clothing and toys as the actual fiction.