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  1. Problem Solved! — NOT! by Tamela Hancock Murray (Steve Laube Agency Blog) Sometimes my office receives submissions for books that claim to solve a problem or provide the answer to a question that has been plaguing mankind since it was known to be an issue. To wit: Why the death penalty is Biblical. Why the death penalty is not Biblical. Why there is climate change. Why there is not climate change. Why Dispensationalism (or another Bible interpretation) is right. Why Dispensationalism (name any Bible interpretation) is wrong. How God created the universe. Prophecies the Bible proclaimed exclusively to the author. Because puny little man needs something to stew about, some questions and problems will never be “solved” because two sides will form an opinion and no amount of logic, bullying, or even love will cause the two sides to agree. But those engaging in love live in a more Christlike manner than bullies. They will disagree gently and then everyone gets to eat apple pie together. But still, they will disagree. The problem-solving author may have a large Sunday school class, or even an entire church or group of churches, plus all the author’s family (even the braggart brother-in-law) in agreement that the author has solved the problem. Unfortunately for the author, these groups do not encompass the entire reading public. And not even the entire pool of editors. So what is the problem-solving author to do? Convince readers the topic is worth addressing. Show why readers look to YOU as an authority on this issue. Resist the urge to claim to have solved the problem. Present the answer as a viewpoint. Support the viewpoint with plenty of academic and practical evidence. Invite readers to come to their own conclusions. A position of humility will convince readers interested in your topic to join the debate. You may not bring everyone to your side, but at least you will have been heard…and read.
  2. DrRita

    Calling Independent Self-published Authors

    Yep, like David Watkins said, late to the party but I did show up. I have one novel and two children's books up on Amazon. Getting ready to finish up my poetry/photography book here in a few weeks. Just trying to get the cover done. I wrote my novel as a precursor to writing the screenplay. I'm not sure it helped a lot because my first screenplay draft was over 300 pages (equivalent to 5 hours, yikes!!). Now I've decided to write it as a mini-series. Long project to say the least. But I have not done any marketing on my novel since the first push with email and tweets, etc. I have two websites, ritabetti.com, fishgateproductions.com and a blog and two Facebook pages plus an Amazon author's page. I've sold some of the kindle version and some of the paperback version. It's been 4 years since the book launched. I don't know if I can relaunch it? And any advice?
  3. DrRita

    Book Cover-when's

    I think there are book cover designers available on Creatspace too. I should check into it. Thanks for your answer Easton. Your covers are nice.
  4. DrRita

    Book Cover-when's

    What to designers usually charge?
  5. (Jumps up and down waving). That’s me!!!
  6. One of the main reasons novels are rarely the same as the book is because books contain a characters inner thought processes and cannot be translated to screen time. Books are meant to share all of the interior and exterior emotions if the characters which is very difficult to translate into action. A movie is to be watched. Anyway many books would not do well as adaptions to the screen. They would be too boring.
  7. DrRita

    What Is The Best Web Hosting Site?

    I think so. Your name will come up too but if people forget the total address they will usually default to .com
  8. DrRita

    What Is The Best Web Hosting Site?

    I would use .com as it's the most common.
  9. LOL!! That's why I like to make my own movies!! Hence FishGate Productions. However, there's one huge problem I face . . . $$$. But I have control! LOL again! Remember the movie Pompeii that came out a couple of years ago. I know the writers and I read the original script. If they would have stuck to the original story it would have been a good movie. Yes, they do terrible things to your script. But you get paid a lot and I guess for some people the money is the main thing. One of my professors in film school sold a script and it got so mangled he didn't even want his name on it as screenwriter. He took story credit instead.
  10. While I'd like to say it's a myth, Hollywood is a very small town. Yes, knowing someone or having some sort of connections is extremely important but it has happened that people do get through if your work is good. The best way to break in if you don't have inside connections is through screenplay competitions and film festival competitions. If you make it to somewhere near the top with your screenplay (or best seller novel) you will get attention. But as always the competition is very stiff. Knowing someone is still no guarantee. It's just a tough business no matter how you go about it. And the small town thing goes for working there too. Everyone pretty much likes to work with people they already know.
  11. DrRita

    Help With Wordpress

    Yeah, I tried everything. I finally turned it over to a web builder who took all my content and placed it for a very reasonable rate. Whew, I nearly pulled all my hair out. LOL!
  12. DrRita

    Help With Wordpress

    I did that and wow, I ended up with a pancake menu that I couldn't get rid of.
  13. Oh BTW you can register your treatment at WGA (Writers Guild of America) too as well as your script.
  14. I just have to add that there are hundreds, probably more like thousands of movies adapted from novels. So they are scouring the literary world for good books because Hollywood is good story poor! It's just plain sad that they are so scared of bombing at the box office that they don't want to take a chance on anything that is remotely unknown or doesn't have a huge fan base. Jackass, the Movie . . . I rest my case.
  15. There is a document that you have to sign prior to any exec, agent, studio and sometimes even individuals reading your ideas, script, treatment or other literary material. However, if you write something and it is "pirated" and you sue, better get a lot of money cause you won't get read or sell anything else. Yes, it is a snake pit of sorts but when you are on the other side of the fence, you can better understand why people won't read your unsolicited material. Even when I pitch I often have to sign an NDA (Non disclosure agreement) which sort of protects them from being sued if they make something that resembles your idea. Oh and I forgot to mention that most execs don't like to read period. Not books nor scripts that's why they have readers.