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  1. How To Fix Your Sagging Middle

    You had me at fixing sagging middle! Dang . . . I was so hopeful!
  2. Survey

    I found this reference book on Amazon. You can sneak peek the first chapter and it talks abut architectual designs and how they "drew them out." Copy and paste the title and it will turn up. I found the info fascinating! The Geometry of Creation: Architectural Drawing and the Dynamics of Gothic Design.
  3. I found this refreshing and helpful! https://stevelaube.com/why_write-a-synopsis/
  4. Happy Birthday, Dr Rita!

    THANK YOU ALL!! I had a marvelous time with family and friends. Ate too much but . . . oh well!
  5. Poetry Slam

    It was a good experience though. It was at a local university. Most of the poetry was tasteful and people seemed quite respectful. But I had no idea that it was more like reciting prose (or rap for some) and brought poetry that was totally from the other side of the poetry pendulum. Lol!! But I enjoyed it anyway.
  6. Book Proposals: Word Count

    Sorry about that folks. Thanks for alerting me Alley! Now it's okay.
  7. A great article on how important word count really is in a book proposal. https://stevelaube.com/book-proposals-word-count/
  8. Poetry Slam

    I attended one and actually participated with one of my poems. But I have to disclose that when I went I had no idea what it actually was. I had brought 3 poems but only delivered one that was barely appropriate. It was a great lesson. I wish I would have looked it up first or had your article, Donna, before going. However, I probably wouldn't have gone if I'd have known what the format truly was.
  9. Memo Deal!!

    Here's the link to Parables TV. My film isn't up yet but will be soon. https://www.parables.tv
  10. Memo Deal!!

    Thank you Lynn and Alley!! It is a great moment for us.
  11. I know in film dialogue can become simply "talking heads" and that totally throws off the whole movie experience. I was taught to use dialogue when there is no other way to convey information. It needs to 1) move the story forward 2) give character insight and development 2) convey information/emotion when no other way will do. But that is for film! As for prose I would suppose some of the same applies but I agree with Phy that it cannot be repetitious, doesn't say what you've already shown and should contain some type of conflict. The use of subtext is also a great dialogue builder. Thanks for this thread!
  12. A Good Devotional For My Character, Heroine

    Thank you for posting this!! Very inspiring!
  13. Memo Deal!!

    We are proud to announce that FishGate Productions, LLC has signed a deal memo with Parables HD to air our short film "Charlie" on Parables TV! Thanks to all of our cast and crew for making this film a possibility. We are so very excited!!
  14. I before E except after C except when is sounds like A as in neighbor and weigh. HOWEVER, there are a ton of exceptions like their, believe, relieve and so on . . . you're in good company Alley!
  15. Well, for screenplays, both can be helpful but for novels, an editor can do the latter after the former is intact. I'd rather know if the story is working and I can get the grammar/syntax/spelling later. The reason I say this is because our "editor" needs a time out when creating as story or editing a story. Our "editor" will split our focus.

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