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  1. Cliches

    This may sound dark. But I thought it would be interesting if an alien ethnic (who are corrupt and self-righteous) manifested the life-force of an infant into the powerful element. From Child to adult, he has to continually train himself to fully understand the knowledge of the universe that is contained in this element. So he was pretty much forced into this.
  2. Cliches

    One thing I want to use in my story is the idea of manifesting someones life-force into an element. My fear is that it might be a little too familiar already. I believe it really depends on how you do it. One thing I decided not to do is have the main character try to destroy it, but instead study it since he is immune to the dangerous effects bestowed upon it. Its kinda fun to use cliche ideas, and find ways to twist it and make it unique. What are some cliches you've used in your writing, and how have you made it unique.
  3. Human Like Aliens.

    I meant crossing the line as in confusing readers to depict the differences between the two races since humans have a major role. I want to acknowledge that this is fiction yet in an allegorical narrative. I might want to show the finished project first before I ask for opinions actually.
  4. Human Like Aliens.

    I would like to say that they have human relations, maybe they were chosen as slaves, but other races were thrown into the mix as slaves too. I will have to play around with it to make it make sense. Would you say Kree (marvel universe) is an example of an alien race that looks too similar to humans. How far can I cross that line.
  5. Human Like Aliens.

    How do most space opera novels and tv shows explain how an alien civilization have similar traits to humans. And how can I do that without contridicting scripture and still set it in our universe.
  6. Am I the only one who gets worn out when reading a lot. I enjoy reading, but I wonder if writers have this tendency as well.
  7. Originality Struggle

    I want to do a story about a war between humans and a cosmic powered being known as the legionites. But a warlord who also has cosmic powers is trying to ressurect his own ethnitity of legionites and take over the universe. Does this sound way to similar to the jedi vs sith. And are there any stories with similarities to the sith vs jedi that is also set in space, and also have some super power. If so, how can i make it original.
  8. Note Taking

    What are some good fundamentals when it comes to jotting down ideas for your novel?
  9. Accidental Fulfillment

    Your right it has been done before. I might want to work on it more to make it fresh.
  10. Accidental Fulfillment

    Is it bad writing when a character or group of people causes the plans of a villain to be fulfilled completely unaware and without the villain input? Like for example, a villain can be defeated, and events caused by a race or individual can cause him to rise into power again, yet still use that to his advantage. Simply speaking, does the villain have to plan everything to accomplish his goal?
  11. Space Operas+super Powers

    Cosmic radiation breathing life into a once lifeless galaxy. The energy is filtered threw a chosen race. The cosmos also give the race special abilities amd gifts.
  12. Are there any franchises or book series that feature super powered beings set in a galaxy. I have this idea in my head of that kind of concept and was wondering if its only defined in star wars.
  13. Why Are Ya Sci Fi Novels So Hard To Find.

    Is it easier to read older science fiction from the 50s. I read some of Caves of Steel. Its simpler.
  14. I came up with a Space Fantasy concept, and I was trying to get into reading sci fi books, but I have gotten lost in the story due to the confusing terminology in one particular story (Trading in Danger). Its as if you have to be in a circle of sci fi fans to understand what the writer is saying. Not saying sci fi fans are selfish or anything, more power to them if they like it. But why are Young Adult Science Fiction novels so hard to find. I tried asking people on Yahoo Answers, but they seemed to think my question was stupid and felt there weren't any books. I can understand no one knowing any YA Novels, but I am a little frustrated locating sci fi that is simple and easy to understand. Is there any easy to understand Sci Fi/Space Fantasy novels that I can read?
  15. Horcruxes

    I know that Lord Voldemort, Sauron, have been known to take there soul into an object (The ring) or animal to gain immortality, or control. My character is trying to become powerful by reaching the zenith so he can overcome uncertainty. I want to find a way to kill him off at the end, but I don't want to copy the Voldemort or Sauron strategy. But if I do, what other stories or novels have that idea, and in your opinion, how can I tell it differently and make it original.

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