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  1. Alert: Copyright Infringement By Internet

    So does this only apply to e-books and those posted on the Internet??
  2. Best How-to - What Would You Recommend?

    There are quite a few writing books that discourage the heck out of me. They make me feel like I'll never "get it." One book that NEVER made me feel that way is "The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing." That book actually made me feel like I CAN DO THIS!! I highly recommend it.
  3. The Second Act Belongs To The Villain

    Wouldn't that be great?? I like the way you think, Celebrianne!
  4. The Second Act Belongs To The Villain

    I like your humor, Suspensewriter!! I'm also guilty of buying more writing books than I can possibly need
  5. Thanks, Phy! My hero in one of the stories does see his Christian brother and wish he was more like him. In the other story, the hero sees he is veering off the path his parents had shown him by taking him to church, but he doesn't get off the wrong path until the end of the story. I'm glad both stories would be valuable to the reader. I just don't want my readers to get the message; "This is how a REAL Christian behaves. How do you measure up??"
  6. The Second Act Belongs To The Villain

    Thanks, Celebrianne! I'll go check it out!
  7. One of the choices in the topic question has been one of my concerns. I've written two novels in which the hero is NOT behaving in a Christian manner. One of the other main characters is. Do you think this makes a novel weak? Or is it okay to have a hero who isn't behaving as he should, even though he may know better? I must admit, there are times when I struggle to act in a loving, Christian way. Some people just press my buttons!! Doesn't that mean my heroes can struggle with the same thing??
  8. The Second Act Belongs To The Villain

    Phy, I've been working on this same issue ever since I read, "The hero needs to hit obstacle after obstacle in the middle section of your novel." I was wondering, "What kind of obstacles?" Obviously, you can't have your villain showing up in every scene. I think he would lose some of his danger and impact if he did that. The reader (and hero) would become used to him, and he wouldn't be as frightening. So I took a novel I feel is plotting perfection and started an index card for every scene, noting down the hero's scene goal and the obstacle that stands in his way. Sometimes he achieved his goal, but then something worse happened, like he received very bad information, or things were worse than he thought. This exercise has really helped me see what kind of obstacles I can throw at my own hero. I highly recommend it.
  9. Free Book For A Review

    Hello, Greg! I will email you soon. Hope you and your family are having a great time in Big Bear. It's a wonderful place! I haven't been there in ages. Jadi
  10. Free Book For A Review

    Greg, your book sounds really good, and it's received some excellent reviews so far. I read books for review all the time, and I would like to review "The Field Trip" for you. I even live in Southern California, like you do! Please let me know if you're still interested in someone reviewing your book. (I can tell you the website I post my reviews on. I also post on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.) Jadi
  11. Hiring A Revision Partner

    Good choices, Grace! I LOVE those two movies! The difference with you is you recognized the source. You didn't try to pass it off as your own writing. I agree about rooting for each other and encouraging each other in this difficult journey. It's a lonely road without that support.
  12. Hiring A Revision Partner

    Thank you for commenting on this post, Grace. I've often wondered why God allowed this to happen. All I've ever wanted is to be a published writer (and have children!). To have one of my best stories stolen from me really knocked me down. I finally got up the courage to seek a literary agent, but it took a lot of time to get to that point. I often wonder if I've even got what it takes to be a novelist. I'm sure Satan loves that line of thinking. He wants me to doubt myself so I don't even try to get published. I just keep telling myself that I wouldn't have this strong desire if I wasn't supposed to do anything with it. I can't see God giving me just a little bit of writing talent, but not enough to be successful at it. That would be a cruel joke, and He isn't like that. Anyway, you should be a motivational speaker, Grace. You have a lot of good advice!
  13. Hiring A Revision Partner

    Thank you so much, Phy, for providing these names. The people I've referred to are NOT Christians. They don't seem to have a strong moral compass. I agree with you that I need to learn to trust God and good Christian editors who have proven they can be trusted. Word of mouth carries a lot of weight. I really appreciate all the comments you've provided on this post. I feel it is an important subject.
  14. Hiring A Revision Partner

    Thanks for writing, RADerdeyn. I had also heard that your writing is your protected work. So I stopped registering my stories with the copyright office. The first lawyer I saw had me register the plagiarized manuscript. I tried to obtain legal representation for four years. Then the statute of limitation ran out. It was very frustrating, because the lawyers all said I had a strong case against this person. But they wouldn't touch it. My concern with hiring an editor is she could make a copy of my manuscript, and then send the original back to me with her suggested improvements. Then she could get to work tweaking my story here and there, making a few changes so it's not as obvious she used the stolen manuscript, and submitting it to a literary agency. I wouldn't even know this was going on, so I wouldn't stop her.
  15. Hiring A Revision Partner

    I hear ya, Phy. You need to do things your own way. That's fine. Whatever works for you! And thanks, Lynn, for sticking up for me! I appreciate you so much.

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