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  1. The temptation I face is working on the secular novels I have written. I'm sure the devil would love it if I got one of them published and got swept up in the fame and the fans. I'm not saying it would be on the NY Times Bestsellers List, but I'd be hoping for some fans! I feel like I should concentrate on my Christian novels, but every now and then I pull up one of my secular stories on my computer and read through it. And the desire is there to get it published. After all, I've worked hard on it!
  2. jadijohnson

    How To Fix Your Sagging Middle

    Thanks, Phy! I think the middle of a novel is where most writers bog down. I know I do! I start out strong and then wonder, "Where was I going with this??"
  3. jadijohnson

    Looking For Reviewers

    Gotcha! Thanks
  4. jadijohnson

    Looking For Reviewers

    Hi, Joanna. I started reading "Crazy Jenna," and it seemed like part of a series. Is there a Book One I should read first?
  5. jadijohnson

    Looking For Reviewers

    Oh, I still think Amazon is great for writers. But they ARE hurting you guys by not letting us reviewers post our reviews unless we spend money on their site. I'm still grateful to them for what they do.
  6. jadijohnson

    Looking For Reviewers

    You're welcome! I post my reviews at Barnes & Noble and Goodreads. I used to post them at Amazon as well, but they won't let me post there anymore unless I spend $50!!!
  7. jadijohnson

    Looking For Reviewers

    Hi, Joanna! I've written many book reviews. I especially like helping to spread the news for Indie authors. Although I dislike reading ebooks, I went ahead and got "Crazy Jenna." I'll keep you posted.
  8. jadijohnson

    Story Callout For Chicken Soup

    I'm not a grandparent, but thank you for posting this, Lynn. I know a lot of people would've missed this opportunity if it wasn't for you!
  9. jadijohnson

    Asking For Prayers

    I'm sorry your life has gotten rough. I'll be praying for you and your parents.
  10. jadijohnson

    Prayers Please

    Lynn, I'm sorry you're going through a rough time. I wish I had seen this yesterday, but you and your family are now on my prayer list. HUGS to you!
  11. jadijohnson

    Christian Writers Super Bundle Giveaway

    I'm assuming they emailed the winner. Guess it wasn't us!
  12. jadijohnson

    My Dream: Write Fiction Books For Young Girls

    Oh, good idea, Celebrianne! Reading books in the ages you would like to write for is a great way to see what girls at that age are into. Notice, too, what the girls talk about. And how they talk. We should always be reading in our chosen genre. So important.
  13. jadijohnson

    My Dream: Write Fiction Books For Young Girls

    You have some great advice, Nicola!
  14. jadijohnson

    My Dream: Write Fiction Books For Young Girls

    I have two girls of my own. From them, I've learned that things don't change that much. They love playing with Barbies just as much as I did at their age. They love to read (fortunately!), but the books they are drawn to would've seemed too "adult" for me when I was that age. So that is one thing that has changed. They also don't have the wholesome shows I grew up watching, which is a shame. Hope this helps!
  15. jadijohnson

    Be Careful With Those Children!

    That's exactly what I mean, Carol! If a young character speaks like a child his age would, and then out of nowhere pops off with a very adult-like comment, that's no good. It's out of character. And it will definitely stand out for the reader.