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  1. Jk Rowling's Eight Rules For Writing

    Thank you very much! This seems helpful in keeping track of everything that is going on. Since I'm mostly going through stories I've already written, this looks like something I can use. Jadi
  2. Jk Rowling's Eight Rules For Writing

    Phy, can you tell me where to locate Rowling's structure worksheets? I'm like you, a Panster who is seeing the advantage of working on structure BEFORE starting to write. Thank you so much for posting this! I need all the help I can get! Jadi
  3. A Little About Viewpoint

    Forgive me if this topic has been covered before, but I want to warn writers NOT to use the omniscient, all-knowing, multiple viewpoint, especially in stories for preteens and teens. I stopped reading a novel when I realized I didn't really care about the characters because the author kept jumping into every character. I couldn't even tell you who the main character was! This technique keeps readers at a distance and makes it impossible for us to care about the hero/heroine (if we can even identify them!). Since it is vital for the reader to feel empathy for the hero, you need to stick to a single viewpoint. Tell the story from the viewpoint of the hero, the person with the problem to solve or the goal to reach. In other words, the character with the most to lose and the one who is the most involved emotionally. Be sure that you are telling the story of ONE person, not every character in the story.
  4. List Of Free Photo Sites And Others

    Thank you so much!! This list is so helpful.
  5. Hiring A Revision Partner

    I'll do that, Zxininja! I'll try that!
  6. Hiring A Revision Partner

    Thanks, Alyssa. I live in California, so I'm sure there are similar groups here. I just need to do some research. The library might be of some help, too. If there is anything else I need to know before moving forward, please share your wisdom! Thanks Jadijohnson
  7. Hiring A Revision Partner

    What should you do if you want someone local, but there are no local writers groups that get together??
  8. Hiring A Revision Partner

    Thank you so much, Suspensewriter! I feel foolish for never thinking of asking for referrals! These stories ARE our children, and we need to entrust them to someone we have checked out thoroughly. If another writer can trust someone to edit their stories, I probably can, too. And I like your advice about the writer associations you can join. I'll definitely look into that!
  9. Hiring A Revision Partner

    So what is the answer? How can we get the help we need without putting ourselves at risk? It's easier to spot errors in another person's work, and I can't pick out a mistake if I don't even know I did something wrong. I know agents don't expect perfect manuscripts, but too many errors make you look like an amateur and are sure to turn them off on your whole story. And rejection letters rarely tell you what you did wrong.
  10. Hiring A Revision Partner

    You're very welcome, Nicola. Unfortunately, I have some experience with plagiarism. I'm still shocked that this "writer" was able to get away with her crime after she took just about everything there was in my story. We all need to be super careful who we trust our stories with. We work so hard on them, pouring our heart and soul into them. When someone steals all your hard work, and then profits from their crime, it's a bitter pill to swallow. I'm amazed that people will post some or all of their story on a website. That's just asking for a theft! Like Suspensewriter said, there is nothing stopping these people from stealing your work and slapping their name on it.
  11. Avoid These Mistakes!

    We're in the same boat, Blackthorne! I guess it should make us feel better, that published authors make mistakes, too. But I feel like the books I read should be as perfect as possible. I'm not a professional editor, but I was able to spot these errors with no problem. They shouldn't exist! I just wanted to make other writers aware of it so they can be on the lookout for it in their own writing. Jadijohnson
  12. Hiring A Revision Partner

    Sounds good to me, Alyssa! I really can't hand over my manuscript without having that signed document in my hand. I'm not into taking risks anymore. It's not worth it. Not when I've worked so hard on each of my stories. Jadijohnson
  13. Avoid These Mistakes!

    I have to agree with you, Blackthorne. These two errors really stood out for me. Why didn't the publishing company notice them and request a rewrite?? I finished reading the novel yesterday, and it was actually quite good. So I can see why it was published. But it would have been so simple making these changes. They should've been done.
  14. Hiring A Revision Partner

    Thank you so much for your advice, Alyssa! It's helpful hearing the side of an editor. I feel better about requesting my editor sign an agreement. And like you said, if she refuses, it's time to look for a new editor! I wish you luck in your business as well! Jadijohnson
  15. Avoid These Mistakes!

    I could do that, Suspensewriter, but I've learned you need to handle these things delicately. I made an enemy out of a published author by making a few carefully-worded suggestions ... after I praised her for writing such terrific novels! Needless to say, she didn't take my advice well. Now I'm hesitant to make suggestions to other writers, even if it would help them. But thank you for responding to my post! Jadijohnson

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