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  1. Asking For Prayers

    I'm sorry your life has gotten rough. I'll be praying for you and your parents.
  2. Prayers Please

    Lynn, I'm sorry you're going through a rough time. I wish I had seen this yesterday, but you and your family are now on my prayer list. HUGS to you!
  3. Christian Writers Super Bundle Giveaway

    I'm assuming they emailed the winner. Guess it wasn't us!
  4. My Dream: Write Fiction Books For Young Girls

    Oh, good idea, Celebrianne! Reading books in the ages you would like to write for is a great way to see what girls at that age are into. Notice, too, what the girls talk about. And how they talk. We should always be reading in our chosen genre. So important.
  5. My Dream: Write Fiction Books For Young Girls

    You have some great advice, Nicola!
  6. My Dream: Write Fiction Books For Young Girls

    I have two girls of my own. From them, I've learned that things don't change that much. They love playing with Barbies just as much as I did at their age. They love to read (fortunately!), but the books they are drawn to would've seemed too "adult" for me when I was that age. So that is one thing that has changed. They also don't have the wholesome shows I grew up watching, which is a shame. Hope this helps!
  7. Be Careful With Those Children!

    That's exactly what I mean, Carol! If a young character speaks like a child his age would, and then out of nowhere pops off with a very adult-like comment, that's no good. It's out of character. And it will definitely stand out for the reader.
  8. Be Careful With Those Children!

    That's true, Carol! I'm mostly referring to when they use big words that even adults rarely say...
  9. 55 English Grammar Rules To Help You Write Better

    Nicholas, thank you so much for these Grammar Rules. I sure like the writer's style. She has a great sense of humor! (I think it was a woman! Now I'm not so sure...)
  10. Be Careful With Those Children!

    Thanks for commenting, EClay! In that sort of scene, where a character is an expert on dialect, I believe it's okay.
  11. Be Careful With Those Children!

    That's good advice, Carol! I think there are very few readers who enjoy wading through all that!
  12. Ted Dekker - New Book Giveaway

    Thank you so much, Rebecca! I've loved Ted's books for a very long time. I hadn't heard of this new one!
  13. Articles Needed For Christian Magazine

    Thanks for reaching out to us, Monique! I hope you receive the help you need to make your magazine a success! I'll go check it out.
  14. Be Careful With Those Children!

    Thanks for your opinion, Suspense! I'm glad I'm not the only one! I totally agree with you on characters of ethnicity. I'm a white female, and I would never try to write dialogue for someone I am not. Write what you know, right?? Anyway, I find it SO difficult reading dialogue with dialect. I will actually stop reading a book if it gets to be too annoying.
  15. I'm reading a novel that reminded me of an overlooked problem in many stories. I can suspend my disbelief, but it will only go so far. What stops me cold is when a child character says something that only an adult would say. I know you already have a lot of things to look for when you hit the revision process, but it's really worth your time to go through your manuscript and scrutinize every time a young character speaks. There is something in parenting called "the little adult syndrome." That's when parents expect their children to behave like adults. We writers need to beware of falling into the same trap. Most readers will skim right over such an error and not think much of it. But there are some readers, like me, who will stop and take notice. I'm not saying I would stop reading a book simply because a child character speaks like an adult, but the author does lose a point or two for committing such a blunder. Children see the world a little differently than adults do. And their vocabularies aren't as big. We need to stay true to our smallest characters!

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