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  1. Why I like paper copies of books. You can't pick up a used eBook at the thrift store...
  2. Celebrianne

    Choose The Best Color Palette For Your Site

    That produces a wonderful and timeless effect. A photo would be worth adding (I love old fashioned typewriters for writing websites), but you've got something great already!
  3. Celebrianne

    Choose The Best Color Palette For Your Site

    Like Lynn said, it depends on the shade. If you are sending out earthy, relaxed, warm vibes with your writing, a soft taupe or putty color could be perfect. I've been seeing some cars in these colors and they are striking because they are unexpected. I'd just find whatever is current this year to avoid accidentally looking like the 70s! Blue is popular because, yes, most of us can see it, and it sends out trustworthy signals. It's also many people's favorite color. Here are my colors. I knew green was good for nature and life. I love water. The navy blue blocks and black line were part of the theme I chose for other reasons, but I've incorporated the black line in my podcast art because it adds a touch of professionalism to a lighthearted site while being easy to make in Paint! The green I made in a hex picker and carefully saved all the info for from pale to dark. I don't do much with it right now for branding as it's mostly my picture pulling things together, but it is part of my signature style.
  4. Thanks, Phy, that's what my intuition told me would happen, but I know when my turn comes Resistance is going to fight the tediousness of the process. Now I know it will be worth all the toil.
  5. Celebrianne

    The Font On Your Book Cover

    You do that. I'd love to help, but can be very opinionated (handwritten scripts are so 2017).
  6. Let me know if the grid is worth the trouble. It makes sense but sounds so involved!
  7. Celebrianne

    The Font On Your Book Cover

    I love fonts! I love letting the feel of one wash over me and love checking my email every Monday to see what new one is free on Creative Market. I've got about a dozen I've collected over the past few years waiting for a kids' book cover. Even more fun than an individual font is finding one that complements the main font with a contrasting style. It's one of my favorite things to obsess over.
  8. I'm totally with the perceived value point. I heard an editor point out her clientele really took off when she doubled her prices. She felt more confident and her clients treated her right. We see the same thing with taste testing; things that cost more are experienced as tasting better.
  9. Celebrianne

    Find Us All On Social Media Sites

    I feel for you, Phy, especially if you are writing certain genres of fiction. I've always branded myself strongly with my science and now am spreading to both editing and music composition/singing. But, assuming you're not writing things to be ashamed of, being a highly diverse, creative person makes you stand out in a professional crowd!
  10. Celebrianne

    Find Us All On Social Media Sites

    Oh, my, that's funny! Lynn, how many SPAM messages have you read that talk about "key ingredients" and "successful"? Naturally Twitter is watching for "filter words" and "expletives". So, he's saying he gets in trouble for totally stuffing his tweet with everything they are watching for!
  11. Celebrianne

    What Is The Best Web Hosting Site?

    Just wanted to add my two cents on website hosting and domains. I did the wp.com to .org switch and used a service that transferred things for free in exchange for using their affiliate code to bluehost. I did keep my email list (and then ended up accidentally spaming them while learning how not to use plugins!). I would have been happy to stay with Bluehost until the sticker shock of the renewal prices. It was like 3-fold what I'd paid for the first two years. So, I did research on places that allow free https upgrade (something Google rewards) and ran into a Christian host in CA who will host a church's site for free and they had very competitive prices. As far as I can tell, https://flockhosting.com/ is a one man operation, at least on the support side, but he was quick, kind, and helped me get my website transferred when trying to do it myself reduced me to tears. I do have an affiliate code on my website sidebar because I think what he's doing is amazing https://creationscience4kids.com . As for domain names, I've gone straight with Google. No hidden costs, no fee to add privacy, and they *are* the search engine. It's half what Bluehost was charging me and the same every year. Oh, yes, don't search for a domain name until you are prepared to buy it instantly. There are people actively watching searches and will kidnap domains they think you want so you have to pay them a ransom if you are desperate to have that specific name. I told a podcast teacher I know about having three snatched away from me and he said it happens all the time. There is a way to search invisibly, but it's rather techy, so I am now just sure to buy it the moment I see what I want is available.
  12. Celebrianne

    A Common Problem With Story Openings

    I would point out that description should be the kind of thing the protagonist is focusing on. Whether my eyes are "fine" isn't going to occur to me until someone notices them. Elizabeth's family didn't seem to find them remarkable. Mr. Darcy's notice of that feature shows his growing positive interest. As for Sam having brown eyes, Frodo kind of takes him for granted; he hasn't thought about his appearance in years- if ever. Aragorn has the full outward notice of the main character; Frodo's forming his opinion of him by looks. And for Tolkien he is standing in for his whole race. I tend to see the principle like this: give me enough to form a general stereotype right away, but it's fine to sharpen the unique image of the character as the story progresses. Just make sure if something is going to be important later that you nonchalantly mention it much earlier.
  13. Celebrianne

    Editing As Income?

    Thanks, Jeff! I'd not heard about this platform before but it was easy to connect with and I love the feel. Don't know if my specialties will find much traction there, but being widely accessible can't hurt. 🙂
  14. Hey, SR, did I miss you at the editor's conference today? I thought Robert Hudson, chief editor at Zondervan, was you! :oops:

  15. Celebrianne

    Find Us All On Social Media Sites

    That's a great idea for getting online, Chris. As a mom, I like videos for how they engage my kids, but prefer them short. The kids lose interest quickly and I don't want them staring at screens for too long. But, my kids are more likely to pay quiet attention to a video than anything else, so it works. Oh, yes, facebook loves videos. If you go live they really favor you and if you upload directly to them (it can be the same file, just not linked to YouTube) they give you a free boost. If I didn't have a noisy house full of kids I would do lots of videos. Let me know when you get your channel up and running!