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  1. Various Positions Required For Growing Magazine

    @anaander We are still looking for writers, and we now need a interview editor as well. Which position would you be interested in? Also, we could try a devotional section which could be either daily or weekly, depending on your schedule, if you prefer. Please email me at mcdanko@eyeworship.org and we can discuss it further.
  2. Various Positions Required For Growing Magazine

    @Nicholas Reicher That would be great! When did you want to submit the first in the series? Our next issue goes out on January 26th, and we still have a little room for another article. For editing, we would need it no later than the 23rd. If this works, please let me know and we will add it into layout. If not, our next deadline is February 3 for the March issue (goes out February 26th). Please email me at mcdanko@eyeworship.org and let me know.
  3. Various Positions Required For Growing Magazine

    Hi Chris, Yes, we are still looking for writers! What area is of interest to you? Michelle.
  4. Our November issue has the topic of grace, mercy, forgiveness and thankfulness. We are currently looking for writers who are available to write on the following topics: 1. Discuss the difference between God's grace and mercy in our lives. Does it only extend so far? Is there a limit to it? What is the purpose of it for the believer? 2. Does habitual sin have an effect on the grace that God extends to the believer? What can a spouse do if their husband/wife is involved in a habitual sin? What do you do if they don't want to "give it up"? (prayer-wise) 3. What does it mean to "release your spouse to God" where sin/destruction is involved? Does God step in when the person is being disobedient? What happens when we are? How can a spouse get God to step in when the person they are married to is on a downward, unrepentant spiral? How can they rid themselves of feelings of hopelessness over a situation beyond their control? 4. Discuss what it means to be saved by God's grace? Why do we need grace to be saved? Tie it in to what the blood of Jesus does when we sin. 5. Why does God have mercy (compassion) on us? Tie this into the characteristic that God is love. What is the magnitude of God's love for His children? What does scripture say about how God feels when we sin/are disobedient? 6. How do we silence the voice of Satan who brings up past mistakes? How do we gain victory when we feel that our past mistakes are pulling us down, or preventing us from walking in our destiny? Most importantly, how do we put Satan in his place, and silence the condemnation once and for all? What is the truth? 7. How do you forgive someone who has really hurt you badly such as cases of abuse, neglect, abandonment, etc? How can you rebuild trust with this person? Discuss forgiving and rebuilding a damaged relationship in the context of a marriage situation. 8. Discuss the above in the case of a parent-child relationship and rebuilding it. How do you forgive even when the person isn't repenting, or insists they did nothing wrong? How do you move forward, and what does that relationship look like? 9. When we praise God, why is it important to truly do it with an attitude of thanksgiving? Discuss how when we praise or thank God, it should come from our hearts, and not just "lip service". How do our situations turn when we are truly thankful? 10. Discuss what thankfulness does to activate our faith. Additionally, why should we keep a prayer journal that notes what miracles God has done in our lives, and how we should reflect on that when we are in times of despair? 11. What happens to our hearts and our relationship with God when we aren't thankful? How do we reverse the negativity and turn it into praise? 12. How do you minister to those who are angry at God because of an experience or circumstance beyond their control or understanding? How do you convince them to release their unforgiving anger at God and come to peace with situations beyond their comprehension- especially when it seems to contradict the Word? How do they heal? All articles are 3-4 pages in length, Arial 12pt font, and to be submitted in .doc or docx format. All articles are due on October 18. If you are interested, please contact Michelle Danko (mcdanko@eyeworship.org) or Janice Broyles (jbroyles@eyeworship.org) and let us know which topic you are interested in. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer compensation at this point. However, we do have live links embedded into our magazine, so writers are able to promote themselves in terms of a bio containing their website links, and social media. Our distribution is 157,000 readers globally. Further information about our magazine can be found at: www.faithfilledfamily.com
  5. As fall quickly approaches, Faith Filled Family Magazine is experiencing a surge in activity. As such, we need writers and editors in various positions throughout the magazine. Some of the positions include: Interviews Features Reviews: Music, Movies, Books Christian Business and Leadership in all forms ranging from business, to church, to home. Interview Editor Content Editor Why be a Writer for Faith Filled Family? Your work will be in front of 150,000 Christians globally. Many of our writers write a brief bio attached to their article/review. Since we are digital and interactive, all links, social media, etc are live. You can direct our readers to your site, your book, etc. Maybe you are new to writing or in school and need experience. It is a great way to fill out a resume! We interview/review top Christian artists, movies, and authors. We have a fun, caring, family-like atmosphere that we maintain. We are professional, yet caring. Our writers report that they love working on the magazine! Because you love God, love writing, and are passionate about making a difference for Christ. Faith Filled Family is a trending, digital magazine aimed at helping families live victoriously in Christ. We are different because we utilize and incorporate the latest technology into our publication. Our content is bright, interactive, engaging, and informative. For further information on our magazine, please visit our website at www.faithfilledfamily.com All those who are interested, please contact our founder/publisher, Michelle Danko, at mcdanko@eyeworship.org While we hope to offer compensation in the near future, all positions except for editor are on a voluntary basis. Editors are paid in free advertising in lieu of monetary compensation.

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