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  1. Which Do You Prefer-social Media For The Writer

    Ah! Nothing to be sorry about. We are good. It is good to get others point of views. Another reason why we are on this site! I appreciate you!
  2. Which Do You Prefer-social Media For The Writer

    Ok. I accept that. My objective is to share my personal essays...to some extent
  3. Which Do You Prefer-social Media For The Writer

    Just re-reading your comment. "If you don't like connecting with people and making relationships and friends, then social media isn't your thing". You can not make relationships, you build them. Friends are not that easy to come back, specifically if the "Friends" are behind a screen. The intent with social media, as a whole, is to connect with those you would not otherwise know exist. One small access to the human connection. I read this as a strong statement and a bit too deep for social media. My opinion
  4. Which Do You Prefer-social Media For The Writer

    Thank you. Well expressed and to the point.
  5. Hello, Here I am with the question, "Which Do You Prefer"? Social media for the Writer. All I want to do is make a constant contact with my writings without babysitting social media. I do not any account. I do not prefer Facebook. The quick research showed Tweeter better to use as a writer. What do you advise?
  6. Happy Birthday! May God bless you today and always!

    1. Virginia Winterstorm

      Virginia Winterstorm

      Ahh!! Your message was a surprise. Thank you very message.

  7. Copyright and trademark: what's legal

    Thank you!
  8. Copyright and trademark: what's legal

    Hello...I know I have ask this question before, but here I am again:) Should I copyright my pen name, title of any stories or poems, etc... There are various answers to these questions. I know you will simplify the answer (s). Thank you
  9. Write A Story In 6 Words

    Here I am take me Home.
  10. How Many Non-fictionists Do We Have?

    I am a non-fiction writer.
  11. Thank you so much Virginia. for those kind words.. And Im so thankful that God was right there waiting on me. We are looking for a good church. But it nice to know i the love and support of other Christians.

  12. The Art Of Contentment

    Thank you. I hear or rather read what you are encouraging. When stuck in an unpleasant situation or situations that seem like the end, I immediately begin to worry without thinking twice. I try to come up with a solution to the situation. Recently, the above happened to me. Knowing in my heart the Jesus would never leave me nor forsake me, put me on the path of wisdom in handling the situation- one moment at a time. I caught worry and took it to the alter of our Lord. Though, I am scrambling with patience and trust, I truly believe the Lord is in the midst of my situation. This point of mind sight took time. I shared a bit of my situation to a few, very few, sisters in Christ. Just sharing it felt like confession and release for God to do as He will to show me-Him. He will use this for His glory. Contentment in the midst of trials or tribulations is evidence of surrender unto the Lord. I am sure it took Paul time to come to that point of full contentment. When God give us the ability to recognize our weaknesses, we can choose to succumb to the weaknesses or turn them over to God. It's a great time to remember the past situations and you got through them. Thank you for the continual encouraging in the midst of situations.
  13. My Experience As A New Writer

    I stop by to say, I am very happy for you moving forward in your writing. You put me to shame! Be encouraged. If the apostles did not write it down, how would we know? Stories were passed on from time after time. My point, continue in the grace of God with your writing.
  14. Write A Story In 6 Words

    Without Him, I am forever lost.
  15. Write A Story In 6 Words

    To believe He died for you.

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