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  1. Speaking Events

    One of my 2018 writing goals is to pursue speaking more. For those of you who do speaking engagements could you let all of us know: 1) do you use a speaker's bureau and if so, which one(s); 2) what does your fee schedule look like? 3) how do you handle travel costs? For those of you who do not charge to speak, do book sales make the financial end of it work out anyway? Or do you just chalk it up to marketing and "becoming known"? Thanks
  2. Praying Daily For Our Writing

    Dear Holy Spirit, thank you for your guidance when we write. Help us listen more carefully to you as we think through the words we string together. Help us remember that you are our counselor and friend and that yours is the greatest story ever told. Amen.
  3. The Virtue Of A Good Tagline

    YES, YES, YES, PHY! In fact, here's a way to take that idea a step further. One of my writing goals for 2018 is to get more serious about speaking events. To do so I first created a tag line for each of my books in my women's bible study series. The end result is that now I have the basis for a talk that takes my personal writing tagline and uses it to help market my books as a speaker. Seeing our lives as part of God's ongoing plan (my personal tagline) through the lives of women in the Bible (extended series tagline) gives me the following outline for a talk based on books I have written and am in the process of completing: Eve: God created me in His image Esther: God has placed me in this position for such a time as this Hannah: I cry out to God Deborah: I am a leader in my home, church, community Ruth: Jesus is my kinsman redeemer Elizabeth: I am never too old (or young) to be used by God Mary: Do whatever Jesus tells you
  4. Nanowrimo

    Praying for all you NANO-ers. Keep going. You're almost there.
  5. Nanowrimo

    Nicola: for my "high production rate," I take to heart the advice about NANO I hear the most: turn off your editor. I write without stopping; without chapter breaks; without firmly even settling on names. If I think of something I should have added earlier in the story, I hit my CAPS key and type myself a note right there, wherever I am. I have not gone back to the beginning of my story even once. I focus on writing my horrible first draft. It is ugly. But it is my baby and it will become beautiful through the revisions. It's a very biblical process. (grin) So, yes, over 27,000 words since Monday--maybe 12 hours of writing. Am celebrating just getting the story out of my head and into a tidy computer file. Cheers to all!
  6. Nanowrimo

    Just reached 27,478 words; probably it for today. Hubby said he's taking me to see the movie Geo Storm which has me thinking about another book in this middle grade series to write maybe next NANO. Stick with it folks! Best wishes.
  7. Nanowrimo

    Thank you, Nicola. Yes, I plan to keep writing. I expect to finish the novel before I hit 50,000 words because this is a middle grade novel and those aren't generally that long. If I do finish with enough time, I'll begin the "horrible first draft" of the next one in that series. Am enjoying it all. Haven't done NANO in several years. It's fun knowing others are doing the same thing.
  8. Praying Daily For Our Writing

    Dear Jesus, thank you for time you provide for us to write and for the skill to do so in a way that honors you. Thank you also for the love we have of this craft and the desire to share you with others, whether in stories, poems, songs, scripts, or real life articles and books. Thank you for giving us the example of the perfection of words--in scripture and in you, THE WORD MADE FLESH. Thank you for loving us. Help us show your love to others through our writing. Amen.
  9. Nanowrimo

    Sorry I've been AFK a bit. Just checking in with the NANO crowd. I'm at 20,442 just now; probably done for today. I hope to make the 1/2 mark tomorrow. Keep up the good work everyone. Stay encouraged.
  10. 2017 Writing Goals

    Congratulations Mike on the traditional contract! And thanks for the reminder. Thanks also to coachw for the inspirational photo. My original 2017 goals were to: *Release I am Rahab end of Q2 2017. I released it August. DONE *Work on: Tattered Temple, Jesus Wants What? My Beautiful Feet and I am Hannah. When hubby's health failed I released all of these goals. When I picked up my goals again at the beginning of Q3, they became: 1. Keep working on I am Hannah thru 2017 with expected release end of 2018--on track 2. Finish and release picture book Counting Blessings before November--released September 2017 DONE 3. Revise and release middle grade novel Stealing Sunlight early 2018--released September 2017 DONE 4. Continue with blog posts, magazine articles, website enrichment and marketing--AM DOING Since I'll now be hanging out with hubby as he recovers, my goals for the rest of 2017 are to prepare and present a goal-creating workshop for a writing conference in November, continue to illustrate a second picture book for release 2018 and do NANOWRIMO for a horrible rough draft of the continuation of Stealing Sunlight saga. I'll also finalize my writing goals for 2018 of course.
  11. Story Call Out For Chicken Soup Of The Soul

    Thank you for sharing this.
  12. Nanowrimo 2017

    I plan to sign up to write my horrible first draft of the second book in my MG novel series for kids. I may sign up as a "rebel" since 50,000 words is way too long for 9-12 year olds. Or I may commit to 50,000 words and just start a second title when I get through the novel. I guess I'd still be a "rebel," eh?
  13. I LOVE Larry Correia--his humor is perfect! His monsters--so memorable and fun. I still believe in writing horrible first drafts though. I have to get all the junk out of my head and into a computer file where I can look at it and make sense of the whole thing. Having only just released a book that has taken 17 years to get right, however, Correia's thoughts were something of a gut punch. Fortunately things move faster the better my writing skills become...
  14. The Book Writing Roadmap

  15. Advice On Using Multiple Protagonists

    I agree with Phy--as long as you clearly identify whose POV we are in at the time, this can be done nicely. I'm working on one such project altho it only has 2 protags. I just title the POV chapter with that one's name: Zack or Aleria; just so readers know instantly who is doing what. I've also seen authors split the books into parts: Part I Joe; Part II Susan; Part III Larry.

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