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  1. 2017 Writing Goals

    Congratulations Mike on the traditional contract! And thanks for the reminder. Thanks also to coachw for the inspirational photo. My original 2017 goals were to: *Release I am Rahab end of Q2 2017. I released it August. DONE *Work on: Tattered Temple, Jesus Wants What? My Beautiful Feet and I am Hannah. When hubby's health failed I released all of these goals. When I picked up my goals again at the beginning of Q3, they became: 1. Keep working on I am Hannah thru 2017 with expected release end of 2018--on track 2. Finish and release picture book Counting Blessings before November--released September 2017 DONE 3. Revise and release middle grade novel Stealing Sunlight early 2018--released September 2017 DONE 4. Continue with blog posts, magazine articles, website enrichment and marketing--AM DOING Since I'll now be hanging out with hubby as he recovers, my goals for the rest of 2017 are to prepare and present a goal-creating workshop for a writing conference in November, continue to illustrate a second picture book for release 2018 and do NANOWRIMO for a horrible rough draft of the continuation of Stealing Sunlight saga. I'll also finalize my writing goals for 2018 of course.
  2. Story Call Out For Chicken Soup Of The Soul

    Thank you for sharing this.
  3. Nanowrimo 2017

    I plan to sign up to write my horrible first draft of the second book in my MG novel series for kids. I may sign up as a "rebel" since 50,000 words is way too long for 9-12 year olds. Or I may commit to 50,000 words and just start a second title when I get through the novel. I guess I'd still be a "rebel," eh?
  4. I LOVE Larry Correia--his humor is perfect! His monsters--so memorable and fun. I still believe in writing horrible first drafts though. I have to get all the junk out of my head and into a computer file where I can look at it and make sense of the whole thing. Having only just released a book that has taken 17 years to get right, however, Correia's thoughts were something of a gut punch. Fortunately things move faster the better my writing skills become...
  5. The Book Writing Roadmap

  6. Advice On Using Multiple Protagonists

    I agree with Phy--as long as you clearly identify whose POV we are in at the time, this can be done nicely. I'm working on one such project altho it only has 2 protags. I just title the POV chapter with that one's name: Zack or Aleria; just so readers know instantly who is doing what. I've also seen authors split the books into parts: Part I Joe; Part II Susan; Part III Larry.
  7. The Book Writing Roadmap

    I wasn't able to get the link to work. Do you have an actual URL to share?
  8. 119 Book Marketing Ideas To Increase Sales

    Yes, thanks, Lynn. I see you can claim an author profile page with them. Apparently though you have to be one of their BookBub authors, which means you have to qualify. I have a couple of folks who have struggled for years to get on with BookBub. Alas. Still, the info is great stuff and good reminders for all of us.
  9. Praying Daily For Our Writing

    Dear Jesus, thank you so much for the writing life. Thank you for the skill you have given us, the desire to share our work with others, the time to create and whatever publishing success you have in mind for us. Please help us celebrate each other's successes, encourage each other's progress and celebrate and honor you through it all. Amen. P.S. to my CW friends: I apologize for being AFK on this thread the past few months. I hope you have continued to pray for our writing along the way. Keep praying! Keep writing! Stay encouraged!
  10. Manuscript Formatting Page Bleeds--help

    It "appears" I got it to work properly. Still awaiting a printed proof. For others out there trying to get full bleeds for images, here's what I had to do for my finished 8.5 x 8.5 trim size picture book: 1. Create images the proper size of 8.625 w x 8.725 H to allow for bleeds 2. Create a Word doc custom size 8.625 x 8.725. I removed gutter; set all margins to 0.0" and set the page layout vertical alignment to "center." When I had the layout set to "top" I ended up with a tiny white space at the bottom of the pdf document when uploaded to createspace. When I had a .13 gutter I had issues; since the picture book is so short (generally 28-32 pages) the gutter isn't a huge issue so I removed it and it seems to work perfectly. 3. Turn images into jpgs to allow them to be inserted into the Word doc. Stretch images to make sure they fill the page completely (they should already). 4. Save as pdf and upload to Createspace. Check bleeds carefully to note any white space showing through. My final tweaky difficulty was figuring out the need to change the layout-->vertical alignment to center. There are oodles of helpful technical forums out there, but some of us aren't technical enough to understand what they're talking about. Hopefully, this non-technical version will help someone here. Stay encouraged.
  11. Manuscript Formatting Page Bleeds--help

    Thanks Lynn. I'm trying a work-around. If -- er when -- I figure it out, I'll report back so others maybe can learn.
  12. I'm trying to format a picture book for Createspace with the images to bleed to the edge of the page. I know I need to size my images .125 wider and .25 top/bottom than my trim size. BUT... I'm having trouble getting Microsoft Word to allow me to format my manuscript without white margins prior to turning it into a pdf. Anyone have a fix for this? Has anyone done bleed formatting or can you point me elsewhere? Createspace community forums have been unhelpful for my level of techie-ness. THANKS.
  13. How To Go About Publishing Your First Book

    There are online resources and books to buy to find out names of agents and/or publishing houses if you want to traditionally publish. Once you determine a specific publishing house or agent to whom you want to submit, you then need to double check the specific requirements on their individual website because often information changes between the time you get the info and the time you are ready to submit. If you want to traditionally publish, then be prepared for a wild ride and hefty learning curve about the technology required. That's in addition to the hefty learning curve about writing well and formatting your manuscript into a book layout. Lots to learn but you're taking the first step in seeking info. Best wishes!
  14. What Is The Best Time To Write? Day Vs Night

    Some days I work best in the morning; some days in the afternoon; occasionally, I'll stay up 'til 2 am accomplishing more than I could imagine. The key is to place your bottom firmly in the chair and write--whether you use all 20 fingers or just 10 of them. (and kudos to Fedor for bravery amid language barriers! Yay!)
  15. Help Me Choose A Cover Please?

    I like #1 but if you've found the same image used elsewhere then I vote for #2. In response to head cutting, I've noticed this trend a lot lately. In fact, in one of my reviews of a YA book, recently, I said I specifically *liked* the fact that the face was not shown. I think authors are doing that to enable the reader to put her own face onto the main character's body and become more of a participant with the story. Was that your thinking, Joanna? Both are nicely done.

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