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  1. Please Read: Psa For Your Wi-fi Devices

    Wow, that's rough. Thanks for the heads up, Lynn!
  2. Aloha

    Welcome aboard, Dave! It's great to have you here!
  3. Florida Christian Writers Conference

    For more information visit http://www.floridacwc.net/
  4. Hello

    Welcome, Natalia! What a beautiful name. It's great to have you here!
  5. Hi

    Welcome, Cathy! It's great to have you here! Gotta say, I love this. What a great way to look at things! I look forward to seeing you around the site.
  6. We've added a new Publishing Credits section to the ChristianWriters.com site. This is a special area for established members to post and promote information and links to their book, blog, article, or short story. Publishing credits will be promoted throughout the site. Soon, we will link each member's credits to their profile for an easy reference (or purchase) of each member's published works. This service is free, but open only to members with more than five posts on ChristianWriters.com. The Publishing Credits section replaces the recently archived Publication and Plugs forum.
  7. Who Wants Some Free Publicity?

    Sorry for the late response. I've been down and out with the flu, so I haven't been on as much. Yes, that is the correct way to do it. I made some changes and "prettied up" the section a bit this afternoon. Hope you all like it.
  8. Nanowrimo 2017

    Interesting. Definitely something to keep in mind. My first thought is that you don't really post your work to the NaNo site. It's all done locally on your computer. The exception is the word count validator at the end. They claim they scramble and instantly delete that, however. My second thought is that since most NaNo projects are very rough and by no means polished, they're more of a starting point than a finished product. Anyway, it's good to see these type discussions so you can be informed and weigh the risks.
  9. Nanowrimo 2017

    To be honest, I doubt we'll need tags and prefixes for this group. It sounds like overkill since it's such a limited time frame (and topics). But you're the boss on this one, so if you want them, just tell me what you want.
  10. Nanowrimo 2017

    Thanks for stepping up, Nicola! I'll be happy to help co-host if you still need someone. Just let me know.
  11. Nanowrimo 2017

    LOL, no, and that actually defeats the point of NaNo. You're supposed to turn off your inner editor and shoot for quantity, not quality. It's meant as a kick in the rear to get started, then refine and polish it into something usable later.
  12. Nanowrimo 2017

    I hadn't thought of that. I guess it depends on how many people are interested! I believe it's geared towards fiction, but I don't see any reason why you couldn't do nonfiction. The point is just to break through writer's block and churn out 50k words.
  13. My Book Is Out!

    I suggest you post this in our new Publication Credits section.
  14. I'm beta testing a new feature to replace the Publication & Plugs section. If you're an established member (more than 5 posts) I encourage you to add your books, articles, blogs, or short story links here. Once we have some entries, I'll link the database to member profiles. Other members will be able to click a link in your profile and see all the publishing credits you have listed. Also, the database will be available to all members and visitors to view and/or purchase your work. Like I said, this is a beta run, so I welcome your feedback!
  15. Book Thumbnails?

    I just posted a beta for this feature a few minutes ago. Once we have some entries, I'll link it to the member profiles. Want to add your publication records and give it a test run?

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