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  1. Asking For Prayers

    Wow, that's a lot to handle. I'll certainly be praying that everything eases up, and soon!
  2. Where Are We?

    Hey, I think I've seen you around town!
  3. New Here!

    Welcome,Alley! Very interesting post. It's a pleasure to have you here!
  4. Prayers Please

    Prayers going up!
  5. I Like The New Format For Christianwriters.com!

    Oops, you weren't supposed to see the store... yet. It's a new feature I'm working on for the site.
  6. Where Are We?

    Washington County, Maryland, USA. I live walking distance to the Antietam Battlefield. http://www.visitmaryland.org/city/sharpsburg
  7. Hello From The Ozarks

    Welcome aboard, Heather! It's great to have you here!
  8. It's Been A While

    Welcome back! It's great to see you again!
  9. Introducing Myself And My Team!

    Welcome aboard! It's great to have you here!
  10. And Introducing Me - Krick Floyd

    Welcome aboard, kRIK! It's great to have you here.
  11. Hello From Ct

    Welcome back, Nicole! It's great to have you here!
  12. I'm Alvaharyis

    Welcome, James! It's great to have you here.
  13. Hello!

    Welcome, Gwendolyn! It's great to have you here!
  14. Hello

    Welcome, Christopher! It's great to have you here!
  15. Hello To All Of You.

    Welcome aboard, Serena! It's great to have you here.

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