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    As lynnmosher kindly suggested me, I am creating an introduction. Well, I am only a teenager girl from Hungary with many dreams and ambitions. Ever since I can remember I always wrote poems, short stories, and etc. (sadly I wasn't able to write longer novels, maybe I was too impatient and young). Later, when I started to improve my English, I rather tried translating into my mother language, but nowadays I am trying to switch it, and translating into English (with more and sometimes with less success). This is a really hard exercise to do, but I especially enjoy it. Maybe it compensates me because I hadn't been able to write longer stories, no matter how much I tried to complete one. As for my connection to the Christian fellowship, my mother started to believe in God a year ago, and she always wanted me to be a believer, too. To be honest, at the first time I was a little bit sceptical about it, but later I became a believer, too. This is a long story, but the point is that finally, I found the way to God. Thank you if you read it.
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    I don't think I've ever read a mention of forums being a part of one's platform. A platform is comprised of those you are connected to, those you develop relationships with, to engage others so they become future readers. This is certainly obtainable in forums, like here. So I did a little googling and guess what I found? Writing sites list writing forums as a source of connection. So there ya go!
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    And so we wait with great anticipation. God from God, Light from Light. We wait to hear a crying child in a stable, a mother singing sweet melodies to her infant. We wait to see shepherds kneel before the glories in the sky and wise men bow in homage. And then we wait again, to see the stone rolled from the entrance of an empty tomb, to hear Mary's wonderful news brought to the apostles. We long to feel the joy spreading through the upper room when their Lord, Master and Friend stands before them, Alive. Yet we who are witnesses today, need not wait. The child, given by the Father, is here to be in your hearts everyday. He has grown to become a man. He died for every blemish on every soul and He longs to stand beside you in every room and every place. How fortunate are we! https://scarletrobecreations.blogspot.com/ copyright 2017 - Donald P James Jr
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    Rob Parnell is offering a beginner/intermediate class for just $11. Check it out. Here
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    The Worker Point us in the direction, Lord, Tell us which way we should go. For the need is great, the workers few, And some they do not show! What a leap of faith it is, When all our trust's in You. The list is long, the days are short, And the work is never through. But oh! I tell You what, When our gaze is fixed on You, The work is happy and in good supply, And idle times are few. Oh! To have a Master Whose thoughts are always true. Who has our good in mind, And who constantly pursues! It's almost hard to fathom How in the past we've been without. Such a Mighty Warrior Using love as His main clout! We can easily say Yes, we can shout it loud. There's not another one Who compares to our Avowed. So tell us where, and tell us when, And keep our eyes peeled open. For Your gentle tug, and guiding hand (And put us into motion!) And when our day is o’er, And these bones they need some rest, Let Your peace alight and settle, Let it hold and manifest, For to dream of angel's songs With gladness in our hearts. Prepare us Lord and lift us up, For the next day will soon start! ©Kari L. Greenaway I don't know about most people but encouraging others doesn't come naturally to me. I have lived a pretty reclusive life up until recently, but the Lord has been putting on my heart the need to interact with others. First came writing poetry in 2015, the writing part seemed natural, but how to share that with others didn't. As of the day of this posting I feel that I have stepped outside my comfort zone and await the Lord's continued guidance. We are called to not conform to the worlds standards, I do evangelize in many of my poems, but I also have praise, testimonial and devotional/teaching poems. When I wrote The Worker, I felt a light-heartedness and love flowing through it. I hope you enjoy the read and find yourself encouraged. For that is the intention. In Christ, Kari
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    I picked out your descriptors to give a condensed view of a villain.
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    Good evening everyone - my name Is Benjamin and I recently finished my first book "Six Years Lost". It is actively listed now through several retailers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble, through my publisher 9footvoice. I am anxious to hear other people's critique and hope my story will help others. My memoir highlights struggles I faced as a teenager, such as suicide of my cousin/best friend, followed by his mother who helped raise me. She was as fitting of the description of Mother as you can get for me. I turned to drugs and became the exact opposite of who I was and headed down a path of destruction. It would be difficult to sum up in a single post, as I am sure most of you can understand! I am looking for critique as well as advice on how to market it. I am donating a portion of my proceeds to Suicide Prevention as well as helping inner city kids stuck in environments that suffocate grace and Jesus from their realities. If anyone is interested in seeing what I have started and wants to offer input, you could start at www.sixyearslost.com as well as view my facebook page www.facebook.com/sixyearslost I look forward to contributing to this beautiful place.
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    If your disguise was the Invisible Man, that would not be a problem.
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    Haven't read it all. A rather long article on Ethics and the Literary Agent: What Rights Do Authors Have?
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    Your book sounds wonderfully intriguing, Phy. Let us know when we can buy it. That list describes us all, doesn't it? "Paint me warts and all." Humans are infinitely unique, and then writers get the idea that there are not enough real humans, and they have to go and create a fictional population. What if you met a real life Clay?
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    I love it! Eve: God created me in His image Esther: God has placed me in this position for such a time as this Hannah: I cry out to God Deborah: I am a leader in my home, church, community Ruth: Jesus is my kinsman redeemer Elizabeth: I am never too old (or young) to be used by God Mary: Do whatever Jesus tells you
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    YES, YES, YES, PHY! In fact, here's a way to take that idea a step further. One of my writing goals for 2018 is to get more serious about speaking events. To do so I first created a tag line for each of my books in my women's bible study series. The end result is that now I have the basis for a talk that takes my personal writing tagline and uses it to help market my books as a speaker. Seeing our lives as part of God's ongoing plan (my personal tagline) through the lives of women in the Bible (extended series tagline) gives me the following outline for a talk based on books I have written and am in the process of completing: Eve: God created me in His image Esther: God has placed me in this position for such a time as this Hannah: I cry out to God Deborah: I am a leader in my home, church, community Ruth: Jesus is my kinsman redeemer Elizabeth: I am never too old (or young) to be used by God Mary: Do whatever Jesus tells you
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    Well, put, Phy- and Nicola as well, of course. If writers were paid by the quality of the their contributions to others in the craft, you would be rich already. Considering how highly all of us value you, I'd have to say you are.
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    Patrons..... Capitalism is proving a failure for the arts. Communism too, though the best art often happens under oppression. As you say, Phy, God is the only reason we should attempt to put words together. He is the ultimate Patron who rewards creativity that He gave in the first place.
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    How would one go about telling the story from the Falcon's POV. Not, 'I am the Falcon.' But only describing action that occurs around the object. Having the object as the common denominator. The author would need to anchor the object in every scene. I would use the movement of the object from one set of hands into another as a strong tie. Perhaps have each person think a similar thought, or perform a similar action/ritual in relation to the object. Do you know any examples of this?
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    Just got an update. She is stable and the surgery is progressing normally. Possibly 2 hours more before it's done.
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    This is a moment of serendipity. I read the Wiki article about how the script was changed and I still don't get a sense that anyone knew how it strengthened the plot. It gets me thinking about God-endipity. God knows what will make the greatest impact in our writing. He yearns to tell us and uses all manner of means to get us to hear. The more willing we are to trust His lead and hold our questions/ silence the inner editor/follow the headlights, the more we'll hear/make that impact/strengthen our plots.
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    Great advice. The title of a book, the book description and the keywords are very important and should be well woven together.
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    I just joined with a desire to gain understanding in the writing world. i am in no way a "writer" but i have a few things i am thinking of getting published. Just want to learn and grow. Glad to be here!!!
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    First impressions matter. Tonight a member of these forums whom I don't know accosted me on Chat out of the blue and blurted "please read my blog." If that's your introduction, it looks way too much to me like spam, impersonal and selfish. If I don't know you and your first interaction with me is 'read my stuff,' you've already given me a number of reasons not to read your stuff and jaundiced my interest in further interaction. In short, that kind of kamikaze introduction poisons the very well you're trying to interest me in visiting. It has the opposite affect you're looking for. Here's an uncomfortable truth about writing in any format - just because you write something doesn't mean anyone wants to read it. Getting your work in front of willing, interested readers is at least half the battle (and maybe more). It's why so many posts here are about Marketing. Simply showing up with something in your hand isn't enough. What can you do about it? It's easy - start by introducing yourself. Show interest in the other person. If you want to be considered a scintillating conversationalist, ask questions and listen to the answers. Earn the other person's trust. Develop a friendship. Then, and only then, would I consider reading your blog. Make your first impression count.
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    I completely agree, Phy. Not only was that rude, it's completely against the rules of our site. I apologize and am taking measures to make sure this doesn't happen again. You're exactly right about building relationships. I don't know if it's a cultural shift or what, but I've seen a big change in the way people interact on the internet over the past decade. Where the net used to be a platform for exchanging ideas, it seems like most folks now view it as a platform to demand attention for themselves. To me, and I assume to others, this is a huge turn-off. I encourage people (especially on this site) to reach out to others. Show interest in them as people, and in their work. Build relationships and the rest will come naturally.
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    "We go to stories to learn how to address the painful crossroads in our own lives, to experience how making small choices along the way changes our course of action. It’s the catharsis of consuming stories." This is hard core teaching, and practical, with exercises. Thanks for finding it for us, Phy.
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    Greetings from Kenya in East Africa, am thankful to God for having discover such a great platform of people who are like-minded, sharing God's love across the earth. I grew up loving to write about life and how we can see God in our everyday normal life, places we visits, people we meet and how we can just be happy even when things seems not to be working out. I am now 25 years old and though life has not been that easy for me I can look back and say life is worth living and how strong we become and remain hopeful somebody somewhere is watching and is encouraged. I believe I will learn a lot and grow stronger reading lots and lots of articles written in this site. Thanks am happy to be here God bless you all.
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    I thought this might be of interest to my fellow non-fiction writer's out there. Dan Balow is one of the agents currently on staff at the Steve Laube Agency in Phoenix AZ. Book Topics That Will Always Be Needed (Unfortunately) 08/30/2016 (Forward to a Friend) Author: Dan Balow With hundreds of thousands of new books published every year in the U.S., very few are on topics never previously covered. In the Christian publishing world, a quick glimpse back in history will reveal similar patterns of behavior and spiritual need no matter when you decide to stop your time machine. While many things change, some never change…like people. Look to Scripture as the starting point. Throughout the pages of the Old and New Testaments, are conflicts between races, social classes, issues between men and women and problems rooted in money, sex or power, or all three in combination. Pride came before the fall six thousand years ago as well as today. And it will still be tomorrow and next year. Marriages collapsed one hundred generations ago because of infidelity and other relationship-fracturing events. Governments have always had corrupt and virtuous leaders. As an example how the current racial tensions in the U.S. are not new (unfortunately), here’s a little tidbit from almost one hundred years ago. July 1917 to be exact. In a complicated mix of festering racial and labor tension, thousands of white residents of East St. Louis, Illinois marched into the predominantly black areas of town and started to riot. Entire neighborhoods were set ablaze and white persons proceeded to cut fire hoses to prevent firefighters from extinguishing the flames. If that weren’t bad enough, they started shooting the black residents who tried to escape the inferno. Estimates put the death toll between 50 and 200. The more you read about this event, it is a glimpse of literal hell on earth. Often, authors think they must come up with an angle or a creative topic for a book never before addressed, when in reality, the world needs a steady stream of messages on the same topics that have been published over and over again. Entire ministries or movements have been sustained around core issues as: Fractured relationships Racial reconciliation God-centered marriage God-centered parenting Life not turning out how we expected Coping with tragedy Living a God-centered life The poor Genesis 1:1 John 3:16 Issues covered in the Sermon on the Mount Issues covered by Jesus in various parables The first commandment The second commandment The third commandment The fourth commandment The fifth commandment Etc. The topic is actually a small part of a book. The greater components are who writes it and how well it is written. Spending too much time on finding a never-before-covered book topic can make an author think that writing quality is not important. And spending little or no effort developing an author platform will be a stumbling block for an agent, publisher and honestly, a reader who look for a credible, recognizable authority to read, whatever the topic of the book. In general, book publishing is about singing a familiar song with a new voice. Sure, there are topics for books that were never part of our collective conversation not many years ago. But all of the issues confronting our 21st century world are rooted in the same sin that drove Adam and Eve out of Eden. Maybe we aren’t as different from those who came before us after all. And maybe the problems of this world and the solution to those problems aren’t really as complex as we think. Maybe what it takes to encourage another Christ-follower to be a growing disciple isn’t so unique and different in 2016 versus say, 1916. Maybe millennial readers have the same need to grapple with Genesis 1:1, John 3:16, the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount as the hundreds of generations that came before or will come. A creative, well-written book about an issue or subject covered thousands of times before still wins in the competitive publishing world. The post Book Topics That Will Always Be Needed (Unfortunately) appeared first on The Steve Laube Agency.
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    When love touched my heart, it was wholesome and clean Reaching the places that no-one had been Melting the wall that had kept me secure Protecting emotions I’d suffered before. When love touched my heart, I was no more condemned But offered forgiveness ~ given a Friend To comfort and guide me, to show me the way To give me assurance that helped me to pray When Love touched my heart ~ Hope said “Arise I never will leave you; open your eyes For I’ll be your everything ~ no need to fear Just call My Name ~ you’ll find I am near.” Though dreams had been shattered and life re-arranged When Love shone its light ~ everything changed This Love was Jesus ~ my heart was won Just knowing that, for me, God gave His Son. My heart then responded and this is my story Christ ~ my Captain, my Saviour, my glory I opened the door ~ and Jesus came in. All-perfect is the love that I found in Him. ---o0o-- © 2015 Christine V Mitchell Thank You Lord
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    Dear God. In the beginning, when You called Yourself 'The Word', You knew there would be computers, desk top publishing programs, and the internet. You knew that words would drive our world forward, and backward and You understand the impact of it all where we are left shaking out heads. . Like the hairs on our heads, You know how many words there are out there, how many more are produced every moment. Who are we that we add to the noise? We are children of The Word. When we write under Your inspiration, we add sweetness and melody, order and meaning to the chaos. Just as The Word is timeless and limitless in scope and power, the words You give us reach times and places we will never know. We set them free, this day, Oh Lord, to do Your will, Your Good and Perfect will. From the moment before they are formed in our minds, to that time and place where they connect with a heart to bring healing and beauty, Lord, we acknowledge and celebrate that they are Yours. Thank You for the inestimable gift of being Your instrument to get them out into the Wordiverse, the expanse where they are available. Amen
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    Yup. Nothing new under the sun; just new voices, new perspectives, new formats. Always good to hear Rita. Thanks.
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    I actually met the author, and he would have been so happy to hear that. David Morrell is an interesting, thoughtful guy. We met at the Toronto Horror Writers convention a few years back, and I was surprised to learn from him that although he loved writing suspense and thrillers, his real love was writing horror!
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    By the way, Phy, your posts always inspire me to think, and I thank you for that. I'm so glad I found you guys and thank God for you all (or yawl as we say in Detroit).
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    By Andrew J Thompson I have my own thoughts, and I'm also curious about what others see and think should change in Christianity today. Here are a few of my many thoughts and I would love to hear yours: 1. More humble submission to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I believe Martin Luther's humility up through 1521 catalyzed the early reformation, and a lack of humility thereafter on the part of many of the reformers, including Luther, stagnated reformation in the years that followed. So many Christian voices and leaders of today, are filled with self-certainty and have little humility toward different opinions. There is more fragmentation in the church today than ever before. IF there is to be unity, growth and purpose, it must come through the leading of the Spirit and not of man - no matter how long his reputation has been built. 2. Understanding the difference between true essentials of faith, and the non-essentials. In my time as a follower of Christ, I have heard and witnessed so much emphasis within the church on financial success, political victory, community recognition, and self-improvement, I would expect an unbeliever to think the Christian message is that the resurrection of Christ (if even mentioned) begets wealth, power, prestige and good health, but has little to do with eternal life, or the coming of the kingdom of Christ here on earth, as it is in heaven. I pray our focus, as Christians, moves back to our risen savior - in the end, that is what it is all about. 3. Restoring personal piety to its place serving Christ's kingdom rather than self. The church has always had this battle. The gift of identity means we are always tempted to care only for that which we are given to care for first - ourselves. But Christ's example, more than anything else, teaches us we can rely on God to care for all of our needs. The self is given to us as a vehicle to gain understanding of the greater whole of humanity and creation - not to serve ourselves. We grow the most when we realize that it is God who takes care of us, we are here to take care of that which is around us. Rightly understood, we all have a mission, and a purpose. Collectively, it is to be part of ushering in Christ's kingdom. Individually, it is to do our part to with that which God puts us in touch with. Our greatest reward is communion with Christ - we experience that most in communion with all those we touch. I'm happy to discuss the many nuances of these ideals and others, in the context of church reformation. I hope this becomes a lively and helpful discussion. "Never grow weary..."
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    I'm sure a few things have been mistranslated. I know one: watering his feet or other similar phrase. Means, umm, going to the bathroom! LOL
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    Hi, Kate glad you found CW. Lots of excellent tools.
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    Welcome aboard, Kate! It's great to have you here!
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    Welcome to our writing family, Cindy. Glad you joined us. You'll find plenty of help, support, and encouragement around here, so roam around and make yourself at home. Blessings on your writing!
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    (Isaiah 1:16-20) The reason why is the reason You ask me to think about your ways, of my trust in You, more mental than some spiritual gaze From point to point, Lord, You say if I have a fairness toward You and all the oppressed,* there is a rightful division, and sin will be cleansed within right living of the repentant. Jesus, I like to think that your thinking is grace with an invite. Savior, if it pleases You that I think with You, and reason, together, day and night, red will be white by the Blood cast on our pale souls to bring us to Light, thinking with hope.** ________ * Matthew 25:24-27 and Luke 15:17-24 ** Colossians 1:27
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    Hi Dorothy, welcome to Christianwriters! It is great to meet you!
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    We are paid by the God of All Good. His currency is in wide distribution on this site. I am deeply grateful. I know we need to put bread on the table and shelters over our families' heads. As Phy said, the world will pay for some kinds of writing. At least in this captialist side of the world a writer can find a sweet spot between a full belly and an overflowing heart. I am grateful for the freedom to find my place in the abundance.
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    Thank you, Rebecca! The people on Wattpad seem very welcoming. The one thing I do not like about Wattpad is that there is a lot of inappropriate stories, and that the majority of Spiritual stories there are Islam. But I feel that the more Christians get on there, and share their work, the better the place will be. I hope you join. My profile there is @DBauthorSudor. Thank you again for the warm welcome! Dorothy
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    Hello! How wonderful to connect with you here too! I need to update my notice about Hagovi's bridge to show your gorgeous cover. I hope you find this a helpful and friendly place, within the usual bounds of internet caution, of course. See you around! Nicola
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    Hi there Njoku. Thanks for sharing your faith with me. I'm grateful God crossed our paths so we can rejoice together about Christ. May Christ continue to grow stronger each day and may Christ be with you always.
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    Nice to meet you Catherine.
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    Welcome, Arthur! It's a pleasure to have you here!
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    Nod. It's a spectacular deal for the quality and power of the software. It was coded by a developer who's also a writer. He's one of us.
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    The story was very touching. I felt the uncertainty of the husband of interacting with his child but the feeling of anxiety of not being able to remember the relationship with his wife; whether is was loving or distant.
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    I would think not - biographical / autobiographical writing would seem to be constrained to the sequence of events in a person's life. I think these rules primarily pertain to fiction.
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    its the best thing you have done trusting in our amazing Saviour
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    Welcome to the group. I'm so glad you're here!
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    Hello Christine, I just joined also and am looking forward to meeting people, being inspired and sharing the love of Christ. I joined the Poetry Club that you just started and am excited at seeing others poetry works.
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    "before the world and all created thingswhen the spirit sang above the watersand the tune, like feathers, formed his wings." What an ending! Strong finish to a lovely Advent poem. Thank you for sharing.

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