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    Didn't know if you meant to share someone else's poem or one of our own. I have very few of my own but here's one: “And the Word Was Made Flesh” Advent King in straw-lined splendor, swaddled gently at mother’s breast, God incarnate in a pink suit, not knowing yet His future test. In the gentle hush of silence, soothing sounds of cattle lowing, angel hosts sing Him praises, all creation in glory knowing. Destiny pressing upon His life, as crossed shadow falls on His face. The miracle of the manger filled now with man’s future grace.
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    What really killed Jesus? Was it the nails that pierced his wrists and feet, or maybe the spear that punctured his side? Was it the cruel words that echoed in his ears, their shouts to crucify, crucify? Maybe it was his gasping for breath, or his thirst, or his breaking heart. Whichever of these it may have been, I’m pretty certain that I played a part in why someone so innocent, so good, so young had to die? I am quite sure that I know why. They scourged him and mocked him and stripped this man. I looked away, only to see his blood on my hands. Naked and bleeding and paraded by men. He carried the cross. He buried my sin. As I look more closely, I finally I see. It’s not what really killed Jesus, but who? It was me.
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    Hi. My pen name is Linda Leigh Hargrove. You can call me Linda (not Linda Leigh). Even though I grew up in a small rural town in northeastern NC, I don't use two first names. I work as an environmental engineer and I write fiction part-time. I've had two full-length novels traditionally published (Moody Publishers) and I've self-published two how-to books, one novel, and two romance novella. A third romance novella is coming out next month. I've been looking for a place to hang out and connect with other Christian authors outside of Facebook and I think this looks like the place.
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    I don't think I've ever shared this one . . . well, here goes. In God I Trust I, the fool? I fail to see why faith in God is stupidity. Call me weak, in need of a crutch Chasing rainbows, putting my trust in Nothing I look at the world and wonder how They think they are better off somehow? Life is a crapshoot at it’s best And everyone must place a bet on Something If they are right when all is done What are my losses? There are none But if I’m right and God is real what have they lost in the deal? Everything
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    Here's one I wrote in 2014 for a friends funeral..... You’re here today, but gone tomorrow Leaving us with such deep heart-sorrow I don’t believe that was your intention Just a case of divine intervention Oh how we wish you could be here now To sing, to laugh, be a part of the crowd But, my friend, that’s highly impossible Remembering you shows us we’re only mortal What we do not realise, we live as though we’re hypnotised Letting life and opportunities wash away like waves into the sea. You were filled with poise, with grace and flair So very kempt, so debonair A tribute to your mother you often said She raised you well and set the trend An inspiration you were to young and old But not without your doubts, if the truth be told You wondered if you’d even be missed upon your death Well I think God gave you the answer as you took your last breath What we do not realise, we live as though we’re hypnotised Letting life and opportunities wash away like waves into the sea. Lying here you smile, as you so very often did That smile that’s so you saying, ’it’ll be alright our kid’ ‘Lift your chin up kiddo, tomorrows another day’ Well Donovan we’re all here to salute you and say, We promise to truly live our lives And not as though we’re hypnotised But we’ll cherish life and grab all its opportunities, and those waves washing out to sea will be the ripple effect of us living in our true essence of creativity!
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    I'm betting there's more work, too. Whatever happened to the glorious writer's life of living on a beautiful island, sitting on the veranda as sun ripples copper gold as it lazily descends into a vibrant blue ocean? I type, then think and finally muse over powerful prose we have brought to life. A murmuring crowd hovers at my shoulders, then hush as I type "The End." The applause roars like an exuberant tidal wave bursting with life. Someone whispers the word "masterpiece," and I consider that. "Needs a little more work," I finally say. A sharp whistle pierces the dusk and I shrink like a deflated balloon. "No time," shriek the social media police. "No time for polish. It's Instagram time, mister!." "Not that," I groan. The social media police advance toward me, resplendent in their uniformed authority, which they must have, considering all the gold bars on their shirts, purchased at Fort Knox.. In their right hands, they hold their compliance sticks. I'm about to get a social media beatdown. "The Apostle John didn't use social media," I say in an attempt to ward off the blows. It's a sad day when you have to throw an apostle under the bus. "What did you say?" demand the SMP. "Uh- nothing." "We've got our eyes on you," said the tallest, meanest one. From the corner of my eye I saw the Social Image Enhancers rushing toward me, waving their scissors and hair gel. Hair is no longer sacred in an age of instant visibility. How would Samson have handled this situation, I wondered. There's a ruckus as the Pharaoh of Facebook tries to bully his way in past Bob my Blogger. I look frantically around for an exit. I wonder if there is still enough space left on Patmos for me to hide out. Maybe John was on to something.
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    there's you, there's me, there's Life and within the chaos of every day there's poetry words penned to intoxicate, invigorate, entice the heart to awaken to love. ©dsbutler2018
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    I actually joined Christian Writers a few years ago, but I have not been an active member. However, I know that God has called me to be a writer, so I decided to come back. I live in Connecticut with my family. Currently, I am working on my dissertation about women's leadership development experiences. Last year, I was blessed to be able to publish my first article about servant leadership. That was exciting. Some of my interests, other than writing are, reading, dancing, seeing performing arts, going to the movies, going to the beach, and spending time with family and friends. I am looking forward to being an active member and meeting new people who are like minded. I know that God is going to do something great in my life and I'm looking forward to sharing my journey with others. Nicole D. D.
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    Tiny Little Feet I love the sound of tiny little feet’ Pitter Patter sounds so neat’ My children used to run and play’ It never seemed to end the day’ I did not realize, what I had back then’ Now that I’m a Grandpa, I can only remember when’ They come to my house to stay a minute or two’ Say, Dad I’ve got to go, but I sure miss you’ My hearing is going bad, my eyes are growing dim’ I work in my shop, but I still remember when’ The pitter patter of tiny little feet around the house’ Don’t get in the street’ God gave me those gifts to fill my days for awhile’ And when I am old, my memories bring a smile’ But Oh how I would love, it would be so sweet’ To hear the pitter patter of tiny little feet’ One day soon, as I close my eyes to rest’ You see, I will have to go, because the father knows the best’ But Angels will come, to carry me to golden streets’ And I shall hear them coming, a pitter patter of tiny little feet’ Some days when I grow weary of the pain that love knows’ My heart explodes as it did today’ In tiny bits of prose’ So soft upon my heart, love lays so neat’ Its almost as if I hear the pitter patter’ Of those tiny little feet’
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    OK, here's my contribution. Who am I? What am I? a butterfly offering winds of change a light challenging the darkness a word spoken in love a flower blooming in the rubble after the fire a rainbow
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    This is why we work so hard on our writing - the only way to get better is to begin somewhere and hone your chops. It takes a lot of work, a lot of patience, and requires some pretty thick skin. There are no shortcuts. https://mailchi.mp/xmission/david-farlands-writing-tips-not-for-love-nor-money?e=c5aab9d85b
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    Technically, I think foreshadowing is standing with your back to the sun.
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    h/t @Tarin, aka KM Weiland on Facebook.
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    Ted Dekker is giving away a number of advance copies of his new book, "The 49th Mystic." You can check it out here.
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    General rule of thumb- if they don't post clear, concise guidelines and if they don't pay at least $.05 per word, then don't submit unless you're trying to establish creds.
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    From the Steve Laube Agency: https://stevelaube.com/make-much-ado-of-your-new-book/
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    Aww, thank you. Yes, will let you know. He's scheduled for 12:30 and will likely get to go home around 2:00. So praying for that.
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    Greetings everyone. I joined this wonderful community way back in 2008 and was active for a while. I met some awesome people, learned to hone my writing, and eventually published my novel. Since then, God has set me on an amazing journey. I went back to school and earned my Masters degree in Pastoral Studies and now teach theology in a high school and parish setting. Also, during that time. four of my five children finished their education, got married, have beautiful families of their own. I have three grandchildren with two more on the way. Life is grand and I am grateful. I hope to become active again. I learned a lot on this site and I know it helped lead to my successes. God is good all the time.
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    You have my sympathy. I'd almost say your group isn't fulfilling its mandate any more. For any of its members. There are healthier places for you to have your writing critiqued (like here). From what you describe, I'd say move on with love and firmness.
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    Hello, Skeeter. I'm so glad you've rejoined our group. Best wishes!
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    Hi Skeeter, welcome back to Christianwriters! It is great to meet you!
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    Hey, Skeeeeeter! What great things have happened in your life! So glad you have rejoined us!
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    Welcome back! It's great to see you again!
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    Hello and welcome back Skeeter!!
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    Welcome back, Skeeter. Look forward to getting to know you
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    Orson Scott Card's two writing HOWTO books are both Hugo Award winners, and for good reason. https://prowritingaid.com/art/611/Writing-Characters-%26-Making-Decisions%3a--What-Kind-of-Story-Are-You-Telling-.aspx
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    My real name is James. I love writing on philosophy, love to debate lol, and singing. I would like to get published one day for my deep seeded thoughts.
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    If you've got yourself John Wayne, a character arc is superfluous. Just give him a hat and a horse and let him do his thing!
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    Our organization is up and running. We have the first Christian magazine in New York state, and we need WRITERS. Take a look at our website: www.royaltygospel.org Also, subscribe to our magazine for FREE.
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    Oh, good idea, Celebrianne! Reading books in the ages you would like to write for is a great way to see what girls at that age are into. Notice, too, what the girls talk about. And how they talk. We should always be reading in our chosen genre. So important.
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    Yes. Our kids are faced with issues at younger ages than we used to need to deal with them. Having stories that help them think through issues but still in an innocent way is something to consider. Yes! We see movies, magazines, videos all the time where the protagonist is the most beautiful, talented, amazing person on the planet and then we are ashamed to not be able to match her! I'm with the advice to get around girls and see what they resonate with. Odds are, God will have you run into a setting and genre that will be a good fit for you and his darlings if you ask him to! Some of us will always love fantasy, others may long to read about a simpler way of life, while more may find an edgy setting draws them in. It's always fun to learn about an unusual lifestyle (gymnast, missionary kid, politician's daughter) from someone who's going through the same journey we are. For my own development, I've taken out some of the American Girls books from the library to see what conventions they use for my genre. They cover all demographics, eras, and genres, so you're sure to find a style that resonates with you.
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    The more things change, the more they stay the same. I teach piano so I talk to young girls (age 4-82) all day. Lately I have notice increased insecurity and lack of self confidence. We have too many voices telling us we don't measure up. The measurement scale that the world uses is not human anymore, for instance, I see labels on articles in the store that warn me that 'anomalies naturally occur in the manufacture of this item'. As if variation is a defect. Think of peer pressure in this vein. Can you write a story about that? What does your heart lead you to? More often than not, God will put what the girls want and need into your heart before the girls even know they want and need it!
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    There once was a lady from Ghent whose nose was horribly bent one day she chose to follow her nose and nobody knows where she went!
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    From that mode of writing, yes. Music majors got their itinerary at a convention, and it said lunch was at G Major. They all showed up at one sharp.
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    Ok, so here's possibly the best of what I've written in terms of poetry. Africa My heart beats with the rhythm of Africa, And her blood flows through my veins; Her passions are mine, and her sorrows, And I feel all her pain. My tears are the tears of Africa, And her cries come from my lips; For her children have fought with each other, And soaked her soil in red. My sorrow is the sorrow of Africa, For all her youth are dead; Her children have killed each other, And there are none to grow old in her land. My hope is the hope of Africa, For her babes will soon grow to youth; Their fathers were taught to hate, So her children can be taught to love.
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    I've been very hard on substandard Christian films, and I think rightly so (GOD'S NOT DEAD 1 & 2, I'm lookin' at you). But last year's THE CASE FOR CHRIST was solid and this year's PAUL, APOSTLE OF CHRIST (which should have been titled THE ADVENTURES OF LUKE) is actually good. I saw it in the theater over READY PLAYER ONE and THE TOMB RAIDER (mostly because of when it aired, but still). It is worth seeing in the theater.
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    And then you see Z, sitting in the Hennessey Venom parked just out side the door. The world's fastest production vehicle with the passenger door open yelling, "Hurry SuspenseWriter, jump in".
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    Shoot, and I was all set to write a story about an elf who writes a science fictions story about a space traveler who discovers he is tired of technical manuals and so writes a fictional story about people in the old south. But now I don't know what genre it is, so I guess I'll go back to sleep. . .
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    (I know you're joking but now I inexplicably want a 57 inch Kindle...)
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    You really know how to hurt my head, Phy.
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    David Farland talks about making 'appeals' to a reader's senses.
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    What a miracle it is that words evoke reality! What a privilege, and responsibility, to control a mind! We must commit to drawing the reader upward, and ever inward, to the highest, deepest good. And I don't mean the least thing mushy by that. Let our readers experience sacrificial love, loyalty, endurance, and the host of God's best blessings so that this becomes 'normal'. .
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    Just read this thread. Sorry you have to deal with it Nicholas. But it really shouldn't matter.
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    “Jim, it looks like the blood work we did on you, indicates you have pancreatitis and likely Cancer”, said the technician from the Clinic on the phone to me. She also added---"you need to get to the Emergency Room of the Hospital immediately and we will send an ambulance if you need one” Not good news what you are sitting in a Walmart waiting for your prescriptions to be filled. I had what looked like a bad stomach flu that doubled me up with pain on a Friday. My wife came out to work to pick me up and took me to a Local Clinic where after ruling out a heart-attack, they diagnosed me with stomach flu and they told me to get a lot a bed rest and take Zantac for the pain. But during the weekend following, the pain was getting much worse and then Sunday afternoon my wife took me to an Urgent Care Clinic in another town about 60 miles away. There, they initially confirmed the stomach flu diagnosis and gave me some prescriptions to fill at Walmart Pharmacy. But they took a sample of my blood to test and that is when I got the phone call. In relating the phone call to my wife—she told me that was exactly what the diagnosis they gave to her now-deceased husband in 1998. He then succumbed to Cancer and died, leaving her with 3 children. And my Dad had the same kind of Cancer when he passed on in 2005. We sat in our car in the Walmart parking lot, praying before she took me to the ER and immediately the peace I had many times before flooded my wife and I. In the Emergency Room they were having a bit of trouble confirming the diagnosis of pancreatitis as I had another operation back in 1964 [as a child] for Ulcers and have a big scar on my stomach from that. But with an Ultra-Sound, they felt it might be my gall bladder that was the problem and their blood work confirmed again, that I had Cancer. So an emergency operation was scheduled early the next morning. It is only from Christ that you can feel the kind of peace I was feeling through the night. My wife related that as she drove back home, to return the next morning, she felt a definite peace as well. As I lay on the gurney just before I was to go in for the operation the song “His Eye Is On the Sparrow “went over- and- over in my mind. I had no real regrets in life and all I could was trust Christ as to the outcome. When I awoke after my operation the first person I saw was the surgeon who told me “Jim it definitely was your gall-bladder which we removed and we found NO CANCER of any form” As a Believer himself, he definitely does NOT discount God’s Miracles and it appeared that I just had one. The very best medicine in recovery that I could get, was when all my children called me up a different times later that day. The three that I adopted when I married their mother,--- told me how worried they were on the phone and expressed their love to me. My 2 biological daughters also called me and shared the same worry and love they had. My wife had, of course, spread the news of my Emergency Operation to them. Philippians 4:7 [NKJV] and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. This verse I try to live in my life and I now realize that God’s Grace in this peace is available to any True Believer.
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    I'm all about having a masterful voice. In fact, I just purchased a Professional Masterful Voice Kit for myself, so that, according to the advertisement, I will soon be projecting a rich baritone voice with the power to turn on microwave ovens from a distance while I simultaneously sing the Phantom of the Opera. As a bonus feature, this device give me that special, trusted Internet radio announcer voice. Podcasting here I come! PS, thank you posting this Lynn- the articles are a bit long, but appear to be very helpful.

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