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    Or, in other words, killjoy agent doesn't want more business. Although she's not wrong about writing for the right reasons and not because someone said you should. https://theoutline.com/post/5541/unconventional-wisdom-you-should-not-write-a-book
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    This is me on this method: "What was I thinking when I wrote this %$#@? Where's the delete key?" Five minutes later: "Fourteen files titled 'hotforgatsby'? All modified yesterday at 2:17 AM? Which is the right one? Which one is the version closest to the one I deleted?" Five minutes later: Beautiful Bride says, "Did you try to print something last night? There's a paper jam." "God is good! God is GREAT! No weapon formed against me will prosper!" " You know that thing uses power when it's jammed up. If you turned it on with your phone, it sends you an alert. So you can check it. And there are three other documents in the buffer. I sure didn't put them there. And when are you going to mow? When it gets hot?" "More rejoicing! That which was lost is now found!" "What did you lose?" "The name! It was so good! 'Major Paine!'" "Wasn't that the movie you tried to get the kids to watch? And all they wanted to do was run through the sprinkler?" "Oh..."
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    You know, this was gold. Pure gold. I stalled out on one novel, and I know it's because I had some well written parts that I hate, despise. I'm just gonna go cut those.
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    If you ever get stuck looking for a name, throw in a placeholder and keep going. "When you're in the middle of writing and don't know what to call the land. So you call it "This Land" and move on for now. 😂:
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    Remember, the protagonist walks in with two weapons and gets everyone's attention. LOL
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    Update Hi everyone. I wanted to thank you all for your prayers. I got my test results back late last night. They were negative. Which is great news! They don't want to do more test at this time, because the extreme vitamin deficiency could be the cause of all of my symptoms. The downside is that it can take six months to a year for this vitamin to get back to normal levels inside your body, so this might take awhile. Still, I can already tell a slight difference in my migraine symptoms, so that is a huge plus!!! Also, we bought a used car. It needs a little work, and does not carry everyone, but its still something. I've not yet worked out things with the insurance company, but now we can take our time looking for a good 3rd-row vehicle that can fit everyone. I just wanted to let you all know, and to thank you for your prayers. God has been faithful. He has worked in amazing and awesome ways. Working things for good in ways I had not even thought of, and I praise God for the things he has done.
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    See? That's what I mean! There should always be a comma before "too" at the end of a sentence! Sorry, I meant to say that life does a pretty good job of wounding me emotionally.
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    Blessed are the writers, for God has chosen them to communicate His written word, the Bible.
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    Thanks, David. You are right, times of hardship help us grow, and apparently, it's our time to grow. 😊 I can see some good coming out of this already. It's been a chance to help the children learn to pray in a deeper way. It has given grandparents a chance to spend more time with the grandkids. They have enjoyed teaching them new life skills. I have built new friendships and new fellowship. I'm praying that the insurance adjuster will offer enough money for the car that we can buy a third-row vehicle. We need one, and we've not had a way to buy one for several years now. So you see the wreck has been a blessing in disguise. As for my health problems, it is a good reminder to enjoy every day. To pay attention to the little blessings in life, and not to let things steal our joy. After all, the Bible repeats many times that the joy of the Lord is our strength. So I am endeavoring to be joyful no matter where I am. Again, thank you for your prayers. I will keep you all updated as I learn more. I should be hearing from the adjuster, and getting test results sometime this week. So we will know more then.
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    People are to speeching wrong.😕
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    The biggest trick authors need to learn is how to get discovered. David Farland has ideas. https://mailchi.mp/xmission/david-farlands-writing-tips-discoverability
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    hey, wait - I can't be on Dick Cavett? I guess I'll have to settle for being on Merv Griffin.
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    TK, loosely means 'to come' and has the virtue of not appearing in any combination in other words - if you search for TK, you should only find the sections you wanted to revisit down the road.
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    Ok, I've got an editor working on my book. I'm on the schedule for a reputable cover designer. I've decided on a name format, have a wonderful person writing my forward. Now I'm starting to research and play with formatting the book for publication as an ebook and hardcopy. There are tons of YouTube vids out there. I've pretty much decided I like the 5.25 x 8 size, which will put me at about 70 pages (so far). My cover designer says most places will need 100 pages if I want printing on the spine. Createspace has a Word template I downloaded for that size and cut and pasted my rough manuscript in it. I've heard fonts matter. I need to chose a font. I already know it has to be a font that I don't have to pay for. I'm planning on purchasing my own ISBN number as I want to have the ability to go hardback if I want and go to any distributor without any issues. Based on wonderful info here, I've written a bio, acknowledgement page, dedication page, back cover blurb from book, table of contents, copyright page, and title page. Ideally I would like to have a few illustrations in the book. It would be wonderful to have an illustration for each of the 20 something stories, but I've heard that gets expensive. Any advice on the above subjects is greatly appreciated. I'm using Word 2016 right now as that's what I had done all my writing in. Any recommendations on formatting in Word 2016 videos would be greatly appreciated. I can't believe I've made it this far.... SE
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    fwiw, OSC wrote that writer's block for him was a clue from your subconscious telling you that something isn't working. I had a bad case of writer's block some years ago. I went back to a place in the novel where I felt comfortable and rewrote everything after that. Might be worth a shot.
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    Welcome, Ceci! I also do the locking-my-work-in-a-dungeon thing, and the thing where I start too many stories at once. How's your worldbuilding going? I also have a fantasy novel in that stage, and it's super fun, but also a little overwhelming!
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    Hey! I know them from some where.
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    Logos is a Bible study tool, not a Bible study. I am with you. It is an amazing time saver and makes careful, in depth, study available for everyone.
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    Thank you, my dear. Appreciate the love. Been busy with the first round of edits for my book as well as weekly sermon prep and ministry. I hop on occasionally but have to be selective to what I comment on since I'm a little windy on my responses and I want to try to help people. God bless.
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    (after reading Acts 9:1-31) He came to Damascus, to Straight Street to ask us, "Do you follow the Christ?" Thus Paul became an apostle, appointed to jostle us further from a slumber of lies. Truth is we did not consider grace so strong that Messiah could speak to such kind. But as we, too, were pursued with wills which God slew, scales still fall, grace touches our eyes. The Church sees harassment down to this day, Christ still says, "Why this to me?" We must speak to pursuers, "Do you chase the Ruler?" Pray Jesus so speaks, they receive. Christ daily walks through Straight Street, calls us to stand strong and confess, "We believe!"
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    Hi, Ceci, welcome and God Bless! Great you are writing now and getting Christian feedback. What a road. Best of everything. I'm a great-grandmother 80 and still learning how to think with a mature mind when I write. I don't yet. Takes years writing to find out what you want to write, and feedback is a huge part. I agree that writing just to and for oneself, though, is a calling as well. Whether you decide to share your work depends on many factors. Pick people carefully and trust your own writing instincts whether something is ready to show someone. And fear not!
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    I think we all struggle with it somewhat. We look at this self-promotion thing as scary, impossible, or not something we want to do instead of looking at it from the standpoint of developing relationships. And yes, it is more difficult when one is an introvert. When we started at a new school or job, we tried to make friends, right? Develop relationships? That's what we do now. Without relationships, there's not much point in trying to sell our work to anyone. Why should they care or be interested? That's why social media is so important. We need to work on relationships.
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