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  2. Yay, Ebay

    Crafty. I'm waiting on an Alpha Smart Neo portable word processor. Less than $20. YouTube says these things run a year or more on 3 AA batteries, and it fits in my work locker.
  3. Prayers Please

    Thank you, sweetie! ❤
  4. Today
  5. Uc - Chapter 2 - Kenzer Waulden

    @Claire Tucker I was reading the submission guidelines for a children's magazine, and it said not to be "preachy", and that kids can "smell a lesson a mile away", It tickled me, but it is true. I am so pleased with your confirmation to see that the message was noticed, but not over powering. I want my characters (and readers) to grow and change as they become more aware of their spiritual surroundings not only in stories, but in real life. We are not fighting "flesh and blood" (Eph. 6:12) and our youth are so vulnerable to the world around them. Thank you so very much for that.
  6. Asking For Prayers

    I'm sorry your life has gotten rough. I'll be praying for you and your parents.
  7. Prayers Please

    Lynn, I'm sorry you're going through a rough time. I wish I had seen this yesterday, but you and your family are now on my prayer list. HUGS to you!
  8. I hear ya . . . I thought it was a good read though with some good ideas. Marketing is not my forte and I'm always up for fun ways to create a bit of press. Thanks for reading it.
  9. Premium Lifetime License For Prowritingaid

    Now this sounds like a bargain. I'll race you there!
  10. I'm a bit jaded on this topic, Dr. Rita, but I really like the article. It was actually fun to read. Thanks so much for posting it.
  11. Asking For Prayers

    Lord God, another of your children needs your intervention with cysts. They also need help with parents. Lord God provide healing to all of them. Patience and peace as they wait for what we all know you will provide in your way and time. In your Holy name, Amen
  12. Asking For Prayers

    Wow, that's a lot to handle. I'll certainly be praying that everything eases up, and soon!
  13. Yay, Ebay

    Oh, interesting! I've never seen painted saws before. Very nice job, Y.
  14. Prayers Please

    Thank you so much, Z and Y! LOL Backwards alphabet!
  15. That Time Again

    Yeah, they must think they dissolve in the air! Really dumb!
  16. Asking For Prayers

    Oh, Y, I'm so sorry. Cysts are truly painful. Praying for you and your mom and dad.
  17. Where Are We?

    I'm from upstate NY, lived in beautiful Colorado in the 80's and 90's (a place I shall always call home", moved to Missouri (never again!) then back to upstate NY, a job took me to NC and I have now retired to beautiful VA, Williamsburg area.
  18. Where Are We?

    I have to check that out!
  19. Asking For Prayers

    I have a problem with cysts, they come and they go. Right now they are coming and painful. Prayer please for them. I have had this problem for 30 years Doctors just say warmth on them. I don't let my family know as mom is a super worrier and she has her own problems, Last week she fell and nobody was in the room so she could not get up. My dad is going in for a skin cancer screening today. We bought him a watch pager connected to a call button my mom wears, now we have to get him to remember to wear it.
  20. That Time Again

    People who shoot off into the air are idiots in my opinion. What goes up must come down, that bullet you shoot in the air is going to retain it's speed when coming down somewhere and possibly injure someone.
  21. What Bible Software Do You Use?

    Bible gateway and also the Kindle reader
  22. Where Are We?

    So is Cleveland Ohio but out mine goes more under the lake so they only have one property rights problem, the state. There was a video on Facebook a little while ago on how they blast dig the salt.
  23. Prayers Please

    Praying for you
  24. Yay, Ebay

    I found an auction that was buy now on ebay for 10 hand saws for $68 and free shipping. They just came yesterday, 9 saws are 26 inches or longer. 1 has a cracked handle, all 10 are rusted and need cleaning. But new saws are runnning $50. Even the small 15 inch saws are $20+. Now I have 10 saws to work with.
  25. First Chapter Question

    Thanks guys. I will go ahead and write that first scene in the next couple weeks and post it for comments.
  26. Uc - Chapter 2 - Kenzer Waulden

    That is beautiful. It does make sense, and I think that by using different realms, you have the perfect platform for expounding this to a young audience. As for it being "too subtle", I think that because you have consciously written it into the story, it will be just subtle enough, if that makes sense. You don't want to bash your readers over the head with this concept. As for being too deep for a young audience, don't worry. Very often children can see far more clearly than adults. And even if they don't grasp the full extent of what you are revealing in your story, the seeds will be planted in their minds. Never stop doing this. Your perspective of God's world is unique, a gift to you from our Father above. Never stop looking, and never stop sharing.
  27. Where Are We?

    Hey, I think I've seen you around town!
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