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  2. Hmm. The frustration regarding trying to live out one's passion and society not giving her an out, comparison of the weaknesses of both Capitalism and Communism, and even the struggle to figure out why God would give her a passion and not promote that passion are all challenges my Heroine face in What Is Love? She wants to be an artist and has no passion for anything else. She struggles against what the world wants from her but also what God wants from her. Who will win? I would love opinions not just on my writing style but also my commentary on politics today and how they are going to affect people 200 years in the future if the Lord doesn't come back first. I predict that "beauty" will turn it's head again, turning back to a Victorian appreciation for "a little meat on the bones". Government, after a nuclear war with the communists, will dissolve the USA in exchange for something more dictatorial only for the purpose of protection. The scales of economics will tip over completely, causing mass homelessness, but the rich will soon learn that without people to work in the economy, their position will also disappear, and we all go down.
  3. Planning The Celebration

    Annnnnd I started writing a 5,000 word story.
  4. There's nothing wrong with writing ebooks. They're pretty much all I read anymore. The market has changed in the last ten years, and for the better if you can put out a quality ebook. If Smashwords isn't getting you the traffic you used to get, maybe try widening your delivery services. Have you tried Amazon?
  5. Grief Writers?

    Hi, CJ. Welcome to the group!
  6. New Here!

    Hi, Kimberly! Welcome to the group.
  7. It's a Walk - Not a Run

    I was a long distance runner when I was in the Army. I stubbornly decided to do better on the physical fitness test than anyone - including the men. I never met the max for men, but I did leave more than my share of men in the dust in the two-mile run. Not saying I'm proud of my attitude. I had need for speed. I had the same attitude when it came to reading God's Word. I would buzz through the chapters in the "Do the Bible in a Year Race" thinking I was gaining spiritual fitness. I powered my way through Bible from God's Creation and to Revelation. I would leave the room full, but not fulfilled. At my last doctor appointment, he announced, "No more running for you." I thought, "What? Wait! You mean I have to walk? Walking is for wimps!" Again, not proud of my attitude. So I walked. I hated it at first. But, in the slowness, I began to see things from a different perspective. I experienced things on a whole new level. Colors were colorful. I saw the redness of a cardinal. I felt the sweet caress of the wind in my hair. I noticed a yellow butterfly flit from flower to flower as if taunting me with her, "Don't you wish you looked like me?" Walking awakened in me the reality of a beautiful world. This experience changed the way I approached Scripture. I started walking through the Scriptures. I breathed in God Word with a heart of expectation. I wasn't gulping in the Word; it infused me. It wasn't gobbled up but savored. No guzzling. I was drinking cool, clear living water. I dug deep shovel-by-shovel until the hidden treasure surface. This reading awakened in me the reality of God's love. He whispered Words of Wisdom in my ear and my heart slowed to the rhythm of my Master. My spiritual senses matured. My approach was prayerful, and intentional. I realized God was present in the reading of His Word. We walked together, talked about Abraham, Sarah and the foolishness of Lot. I watched in amazement as Jesus showed me how He walked on the water. I tried to warn Peter to keep His eyes on Jesus moments before he falls. I saw Him take the once stormy waters and make them calm, peaceful, and safe. We laughed as we watched the bridegroom taste that water turned to wine. It was good! I lifted my heart in praise with Psalmist and accepted Wisdom's call in Proverbs. I can't explain it, but my times in the Word were better than ever before. His knowledge extra sturdy and I handled His correction with grace and not guilt. Now my eyes open, my ears clear, my mind uncluttered and my soul touched by the Holy. It's my manna - enough nourishment for the day. I'm not full but fulfilled. Sometimes I miss a step or two, stumbling in the ebb and flow of life. But I miss Him so much I have to return. I need His faithful presence like a flower needs sunshine. I no longer feel guilty or frustrated. We start all over again. He knows me and need to know for today. It's no longer a run, but a walk. God's not disappointed in me. He walks with me and talks with me. I trust Him. I found the secret of the Yielded Heart. It's a beautiful thing. It's a sweet, personal and intimate. It's the race set for me. He knows the finish line. People wonder today, "Is it possible to walk with God today?" I say, "Yes!" We take it one day at a time. It's not so much as footprints in the sand, but footprints on the heart. How about a walk? My son (daughter), do not forget my teaching, but keep my commands in your heart, for they will prolong your life many years and bring prosperity. Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart. Then you will win favor and a good name in the sight of God and man. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straights. Proverbs 3:1-6
  8. Gift Of Love

    It's true. The Gift of love is not as easy as we think. Thank you for sharing,
  9. A Different Look at the Sermon on the Mount

    I always thought I was the only one who noticed this about the sermon on the mount/plains. Yes, Sir! He was talking to the disciples. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Blog Question

    I moved you out on your own, Christine. Go member blogs under the heading Reading Room of go here. On the right, click on create a blog.. And there ya go! Let me know if you have any trouble.
  12. Blog Question

    How do you establish a blog here. I have my own blog at http://www.christinemalkemes.com but would like to share here on line too. Appreciate your support
  13. “Heal Me Or Kill Me, God!”

    I don’t know about you, but I’m a seeker – a seeker of stories. I love to hear how other people come to know our Savior and Lord. Someday you might get a chance to hear testimony by drawing up the courage to ask, “How did you meet the Lord?” He reveals Himself extraordinarily in ordinary lives. This story is no different. An ordinary day in an ordinary restaurant. Join me, will you, and see what happens: I looked at her with newfound admiration, tuning out the breakfast enthusiasts so I could hear her story. There was more here than met the eye. I saw a cultured, well-dressed, intelligent woman with a message. She talked about her God as if He were seated at the table with us. She knew Him intimately. It was felt in her words – it was seen on her face. What happens in a person’s life to make God so real? When she was sixteen, her body had crumbled beneath the clutches of muscular dystrophy. Her young body moved like an old woman, and the doctors couldn’t do anything for her except keep her comfortable. She knew intimately what this horrible disease did to her family. Death always leaves a shadow. “What happened?” I asked her.
She said, “I cried to God, ‘Heal me or kill me!’ I watched as her brown eyes close in memory and her lips revealed with clarity what happened. Her faith was challenged, and she met it head-on. Who was this God?
 Is He who He says He is?
 She begged and begged for healing without resolution. She knocked on heaven’s door, so loudly the echoes shook in her soul. In response, there was silence - a hurting silence. Something was happening, something unseen, deep down in the recesses of her soul. Not a healing, but a presence. Her confidence grew in Him, and in strength, she just walked out of the hospital without looking back. Her doctor, with unusual emotional attachment, tried to convince her to stay. He held little hope for her except premature death Then she did the unthinkable - she stopped taking her medications - cold turkey. In response, her body convulsed, shuddered but she fought through the pain. Within weeks she’d lost 40 pounds. Was God taking her feeble, nearly lifeless, body with the disease? She returned to the doctor who thought she was on death’s bed. The doctor could explain it, but a miracle happened: tests, tests, and more tests substantiated her faith. Her God was still in the healing business. Right there in Denny’s, I lifted my coffee cup in a salute - such faith should be recognized. Here was a healthy, happy fortyish wife and mother with a powerful testimony. She’d discovered a pearl of great price – she found the power in a yielded heart – a heart beating to the rhythm of her Master.Her testimony touched me by its raw reality. I would have been content if the story had ended there like some great fairy tale, but it didn’t. This experience was just the beginning of a lifetime of troubles. But it was foundational for her and strengthened her faith. God had shown Himself faithful. The more she depended on Him, the more He intervened on her behalf. Relationship issues, health problems, and emotional struggles were yielded to her Savior. Each time she found Him faithful and each time God did not disappoint. I could have listened to her life story all day if that were possible. Sisters we had become and sisters of faith we would remain. She knew her God by name – It’s etched on her heart, mind, and soul. It pours out of her like an overflowing vessel. Scripture, again and again, becomes true in those who lean on His Word: The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble. Those who know Your name trust in You, for You, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek You. Psalm 9:9-10
  14. 224 Page Free Download On Creating Print Books

    Oh, you're welcome! And thank you for your concern. I have fibromyalgia and it's just part of the endless list of symptoms that my body must endure.
  15. New Here!

    If you scroll down to the bottom of a post, just below the social media icons, there's a box for commenting. Let me know if you have trouble commenting.
  16. Planning The Celebration

    I have a lot on my plate. I plan on starting the new year writing a series on enduring faith.
  17. Life

    Life. The word sits there so benign. Memories like snapshots flip through The inner recesses of my mind. The run-down shack. Water flowing from the creek out back. Arizona sunshine bursting off mountain oak. Wood burning stove releasing morning smoke. Momma tip money fills our bodies lean Biscuits, potatoes, and beans. So many children in one bed. Eight from head to head. White bread hidden in the cupboard high. Momma’s husband breathes a sigh. Hush little children, Don’t you cry. He’ll be gone by and by. Momma sleeps the night shift away. Braided hair, slipped on shoes, in a hushed way. Close the crooked door to this world. Kittens on the couch curled. Walking two-mile dirt road for the bus School, an escape for us. Jostled, dirty and spat upon. Silenced by such wicked fun. Hush little children, “Don’t you cry.” It will all be over by and by. One breathes a heavy sigh. Wondering, “Why?” Days pass into weeks and weeks into years. The children grow up moving from fear to fears. With barefoot feet, one runs away No void is felt in the fray. With one look the mean streets take her in. Piled on her head sin after sin. Pain added to her familiar feel of fear. Only in the dark, you see a tear. “God if you’re real, You’ll get me out of here!” She screamed to the past and crystal blue air. Silence. Silence. Silence. Was the reply. Falling down she cried, “Why?” In the unknown world of love. The prayer traveled to places above. With a lifted head of His dear Son. Whispered answer, “I’ll be the one.” Angels sent to her side. On a plane, she did ride. At O’Hare, she landed sweet. Into her Uncle’s arms, she did meet. Takes her home to rest her head. Days she sleeps in the given bed. Prayers lifted up for her keep. Jesus met her in her sleep. Lifting her weary head And into her heart He said, “Never will I leave you; Never will I forsake you.” He removed her fear, pain, and darkness too. The rest is history. That child was me. A yielded heart I did receive. This daughter sweet He’ll never leave. Life. The word sits there so benign. Memories like snapshots flip through The inner recesses of my mind.
  18. 224 Page Free Download On Creating Print Books

    Thank you, Ms Lynn. I just downloaded Mr. Friedlander's PDF. thank you. He has an outstanding reputation and I needed this to begin the new year knowing what to do. Again, thank you. (sorry to hear about your headaches - have you had your eyes checked?)
  19. New Here!

    Thank you. I was reading some of the blogs. But I don't know how to comment to encourage the writer. Guess that will come with time. I'm patient.
  20. New Here!

    LOL You'll do fine!
  21. New Here!

    Thank you, Ms. Lynn Mosher. I didn't know about this site until I started looking for organizations to join (suggested by other writers). I was tickled pink to find this site. I don't want to do anything wrong so I will be commenting and watching here. I promise not to stalk anyone or cause problems. I can't wait to make myself at home.
  22. New Here!

    Hey, Christine! Welcome to our writing family. Glad you joined us. We're connected on Fb and in the Christian Authors and Writers group on FB. Sounds like you're rolling along pretty well. And represented well! You'll find plenty of help, support, and encouragement around here, so roam around and make yourself at home. Blessings on your writing!
  23. Various Positions Required For Growing Magazine

    I'm a newbie. my name is Chris This "call" was sent out August 2016. I don't know if you're still looking for writers. You can see an example of my writing at http://www.christinemalkemes.com if you're interested. Respectfully yours, Chris
  24. New Here!

    Hello everyone, My name is Chris. I'm a newbie here. I have been writing for years and blogging at http://www.christinemalkemes.com It is a faith-based blog called Whispered Words of Wisdom. Additionally, I'm on the writing staff for a military-wives and women service members called Planting Roots (http://www.plantingroots.net (I am a retired Army officer and credentialed minister with the Assemblies of God). We've partnered recently with the Armed Services military arm of the American Bible Society writing three Bible Studies (intro to the Bible, Old Testament & New Testament) for military service- women (in production). I have an agent with the Christian Agency of Steve Laube (https://stevelaube.com). Publishers have seen my book proposal but I need more of a platform so I'm in the process of growing into a full-fledged author. I plan on writing a series of e-books on Enduring Faith next year. I'm a wife, mother and grandmother too.
  25. 224 Page Free Download On Creating Print Books

    Oops, sorry. ~ I can't think of any off the top of my head. I'm writing right now but if I find something, I'll let you know.
  26. Didn't mean it like that, but thank you. Got any more reads like that?
  27. 224 Page Free Download On Creating Print Books

    Yeah, I'm sorry about that. Hope your wife is improving today.
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