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    I once tried to reproduce my family's Swamp Yankee dialect. (It's not quite the same as Down Easter.) Since I live in Missouri now, some people mistook it for Appalachian. ( Technically, the White Mountains of New Hampshire are part of the Appalachian range, and the lakes region of Western Maine is in the foothills.) My mother thought the dialect was a sign of ignorance, but I thought it was "wicked shahp." Especially because I could do both Swamp Yankee and Down Easter as well as "radio voice." Can any good thing come out of Nazareth? I perceive by thy speech that thou art a Galilean. We aren't rednecks and hillbillies when we celebrate our differences. We can "pahk the cah in the yahd" without being ignorant. That said, I love standard American English as well, and there are times when I realize that grammar is the blueprint for communication. So I try to use what works. When my narrator is a retired college professor whose web persona is "The Last Real Yankee," he slides back and forth
  3. Join Us For A Power Verb Exercise

    Zx1Ninja, you did't miss the cue. I deliberately took a detour! I keep thinking about lint covered lightsavers...
  4. Join Us For A Power Verb Exercise

    LOLOL I love these! And it is difficult to replace ones like "was made.' Too fun! 'Specially love #2!
  5. Join Us For A Power Verb Exercise

    LOL It was slime! Spellchecker doesn't catch correct spellings but misused!
  6. Join Us For A Power Verb Exercise

    Slim didn't make sense to me as it was presented the sentence provided. I assumed, (obviously erroneously) that it was misspelled in the first place and added the "e" for slime. As it then made sense in the context in which it was presented.
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  8. Hi

    Hello, Jefrin! Welcome to the group!
  9. Join Us For A Power Verb Exercise

    Mr. Dodecter rummaged in his barn full of finest cherry planks, selecting the longest for the table he planned to construct. (Whew, I had a hard time with 'was made') Gregor caressed 60 years worth of lint in his pocket. His mummy never let him own a kitten. Bodacious slim cheerleaders sunned themselves like fresh cucumber slices on our south facing porch.
  10. Hi

    Welcome, Jefrin! It's great to have you here!
  11. What Makes A Great Or Interesting Book Cover?

    Wow! Really interesting!
  12. Join Us For A Power Verb Exercise

    LOL Good to know!
  13. What Makes A Great Or Interesting Book Cover?

    Science fiction book covers are amazing! https://www.shortlist.com/entertainment/books/40-coolest-sci-fi-book-covers/95827
  14. Just For Fun And Laughs

    LOL Good ones, Jonjovi!
  15. Join Us For A Power Verb Exercise

    It's the Pirates' Code. More like guidelines than actual rules.
  16. Hi

    Welcome to our writing family, Jefrin. Glad you joined us. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you like to write. You'll find plenty of help, support, and encouragement around here, so roam around and make yourself at home. Blessings on your writing!
  17. Join Us For A Power Verb Exercise

    Thanks so much, EC! Good info. Though I'm not totally sold on having only one verb that fits for each sentence.
  18. Join Us For A Power Verb Exercise

    LOL Pretty good, Z!
  19. Join Us For A Power Verb Exercise

    LOL That's one of those things spellchecker won't catch. So sorry. Then again...
  20. Join Us For A Power Verb Exercise

    The robot wasn't my professor,by the way. Nor was my professor a robot. He may have sat on a couch once or twice, but I never personally witnessed such an action.
  21. Join Us For A Power Verb Exercise

    The table was built of wood. The man stored lint in his pocket. (Notice the change from transitive to active, and the consequent variance in both mood and meaning without addition of sparkling adverbial appendages.) Slim coated the porch. ( I didn't change the verb as much as I moved from passive to active. Lynn, ya let yer spielchucker run amuck agin.)
  22. Join Us For A Power Verb Exercise

    Z, never let your spell check boss you around.
  23. Join Us For A Power Verb Exercise

    My freshman comp and journalism professor always maintained that there is one and only one right word for any sentence, and changing that word changes the meaning. "The sun sparkled" doesn't equal " the sun shined." "Tears dripped" doesn't equal "tears fell." ( Nice coinage there with " dripple," even though my spell check won't accept it until I beat it into submission.) "Thieves misappropriate" doesn't have quite the same meaning as "thieves steal." The man perched on the couch. The girl dribbled the ball. The robot strode off the cliff. Since he was also a features editor for Yankee magazine, I listened hard when he talked about writing. (I aced both classes,too.)
  24. My Book Is Now On Amazon!!!

    About a month, SW.
  25. I forgot to mention the feral cats and the wild chickens they prey on.
  26. Thank how I feel, with settings that don't exist in the real world, that may never exist. So you extrapolate. Domed stadiums. Aircraft carriers. Nuclear submarines. Fighter cockpits.. You watch a lot of video. You pay attention to the science news. You "what if" a lot more than your family and your supervisors think you should. And it's fun! The germ of Corpus Hypercubus is a Tarzan movie, parkour before it was even a thing. So I need habitats big enough to fly in. Long corridors with pipes and cables. And if I want to put a happy little tree over here, I have to figure out where it gets it's water from, where the roots go, where the light comes from, and then figure out how it differs from the trees we're used to seeing, and why the protagonist is the only one who sees it as different, because, to everyone else, it's just a tree.
  27. Join Us For A Power Verb Exercise

    The man discovered lint covering the lifesavers in the pocket of his new business slacks. He refused to step through the slime covered porch to go back to the kitchen and clean his hands.
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