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  2. My Book Is Now On Amazon!!!

    About a month, SW.
  3. I forgot to mention the feral cats and the wild chickens they prey on.
  4. Thank how I feel, with settings that don't exist in the real world, that may never exist. So you extrapolate. Domed stadiums. Aircraft carriers. Nuclear submarines. Fighter cockpits.. You watch a lot of video. You pay attention to the science news. You "what if" a lot more than your family and your supervisors think you should. And it's fun! The germ of Corpus Hypercubus is a Tarzan movie, parkour before it was even a thing. So I need habitats big enough to fly in. Long corridors with pipes and cables. And if I want to put a happy little tree over here, I have to figure out where it gets it's water from, where the roots go, where the light comes from, and then figure out how it differs from the trees we're used to seeing, and why the protagonist is the only one who sees it as different, because, to everyone else, it's just a tree.
  5. Join Us For A Power Verb Exercise

    The man discovered lint covering the lifesavers in the pocket of his new business slacks. He refused to step through the slime covered porch to go back to the kitchen and clean his hands.
  6. Hi

    Hello everyone
  7. Mourning The Loss Of Rev. Billy Graham

    He made such a difference in peoples lives. He will be missed.
  8. Just For Fun And Laughs

    They are all great, I will join in!
  9. My Book Is Now On Amazon!!!

    This is great news, blackthorne! When is it going to be available for Kindle?
  10. What Makes A Great Or Interesting Book Cover?

    Oh, no, I'm no artist! John Blumen did the cover.
  11. What Makes A Great Or Interesting Book Cover?

    I fixed it. If you ever need to do it, just click on the image and grab one of the corners and drag it down to make it smaller. Really great cover! Congrats! Did you do it yourself?
  12. What Makes A Great Or Interesting Book Cover?

    Good heavens, that came out huge! Is there a way to make it smaller?
  13. What Makes A Great Or Interesting Book Cover?

    You could post it critique but since we're talking book covers, go ahead and post it here.
  14. What Makes A Great Or Interesting Book Cover?

    Would I be highjacking this thread if I posted the cover of my new book I have coming out soon? I'm about to post it on my blog, but I'd kind of like to see what people think of it. Someone please let me know if there's a different sub-forum on here that would be more appropriate. Thanks!
  15. Inspiration For My Character: Heroine

    White chocolate is actually my favourite, but I love them all!
  16. My Book Is Now On Amazon!!!

    Thank you, Ria!
  17. Inspiration For My Character: Heroine

    I still like milk chocolate better. Now, if they were to put almonds in dark chocolate maybe...
  18. Hi From Louisiana

    Yes, welcome! Nice to have another mystery writer After all, some one has to take over for Agatha Christie.
  19. Advancing The Plot

    I'm guessing she would have been really upset by the phrase, "He don't, do he?" Mom's can be picky about those things. My mother used to make us diagram sentences, which is apparently something of a lost art.
  20. The Western Market

    At this point, I've found you can buy just about the entire Clint Eastwood outfit from the Spaghetti Westerns! Darn it! I'll never make any money from writing at this rate! "So let me get this straight - you're a Jewish cowboy?"
  21. Ugly!

    Just sayin'
  22. Ugly!

    How much if you throw in the trailer?
  23. Google Earth And Writing About Where You've Never Been

    I do this too. I'm just lacking in money and a passport to visit Munich.
  24. Ugly!

    But you know, for a cut rate price of $900, I can make sure you're a first class writer in the Nicholas Reicher group! Think of it! For just the price of one month's rent of a trailer, I can get you started on a rewarding career writing movies about twin brother ninjas! But this offer won't last forever....
  25. What Makes A Great Or Interesting Book Cover?

    Wait a minute- I think our interesting faces would really spruce up the cover quality. We published a volume called Townsend Mountain as an audio book (regional history) and in asking one of the descendants of the family written about what they would like to see on the cover (usually don't do that, but they were nice people) and one of the old timers said, "Me!"
  26. Ugly!

    Thank you all so much - trust me, I had a hard two weeks after that was her only advice.
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